Step Into Arduino World with Stepper Motors!

  • @Ron_Ron and I were talking, we think it might be a good time to run another Arduino workshop. The last workshop (introduction to lighting) was very popular and we hope that people enjoyed it.

    Would you be interested in a follow up arduino workshop? What things would you like to work on? Here are some ideas:

    • using sensors with arduino, for example:

      • reed sensor
      • photo resistor
      • moisture and temperature sensor (greenhouse or soil moisture monitor)
    • Driving stepper motors with easy drivers Arduino

    Let us know if you are interested in another Arduino workshop and if there is any particular topic you want us to dive into.


  • 3D

    I tried to explain stuff about temperature sensors like LM35 to my classmates and they’ve lost me once I started to explain voltage levels and analogue measurement on arduino.
    Steppers sounds fun! They are easily obtainable and do visible amount of cool stuff.
    You can even print out part kits for simple printable robots and let people to build and program their own death machines little robots! Then it is Tabletop robot demolition fight fun for all ages.

  • programming attiny85 might be interesting!

  • Founder

    I’d be interested in stepper motors foremostly. As far as what I want to do, that is the basics, and what seems simplest. Sensors and feedback are bit more complex for what I want to do.

  • I missed the first one but would be really interested in joining in for the second.

  • Oh! I’d attend a stepper-motor workshop. I’ve always wanted to build a death machine… I mean “robot”

  • It sounds like stepper motors are in demand and since @toxuin has kindly donated a box of them to makerspace we can put kits together for a workshop with around 20 people again. We will create two kits this time, one for people without arduino and one for those who already have one. Stay tuned and I will announce the workshop on the forum soon. I am thinking fist Tuesday in April (April 5th) would be a good day.

  • Founder

    tuesday works for me

  • What would one want to pick up for arduino to get started as a bare minimum?

  • Metal

    I would love to be there, but It’s a little far on a Tuesday evening for me. Wanna broadcast on the interweb for me (only half joking)?

  • 3D

    Daym broadcasting is a sweet idea!

  • I would be interested in a workshop for temperature sensor and moisture gauge. I would also take the course for a stepper motor application as well.

  • Learning to drive steppers would be awesome. I have a few arduino projects I would like to try with steppers.

  • I’ve been looking into driver steppers from Arduino, and this library is the one I plan on using:

    It will drive multiple steppers simulteously (i.e. for moving X/Y in say a 3D printer) and will also do acceleration and deceleration.

  • Step Into Arduino World with Stepper Motors!
    Workshop is open for registration.

    Tuesday April 5th, 6-8PM

    $10 per person, includes a stepper motor kit. Please bring an Arduino with you – if you don’t have one, you can purchase one for $10 when you register.

    Don’t forget to download Arduino IDE if you haven’t already:

  • I just signed up! But I think I’m the only one. I hope there’s a last minute rush. I’d hate to see this canceled.

  • @frank great! I don’t think it will be cancelled, we know that people like to register last minute :) Not to worry!

  • Is this workshop open to the public or just members?

  • Hello @deanlah! This workshop is open to the public, registration is online: Hope to see you there!

  • Registered :)

    Is there any way to pick up the Arduino board early to start playing around with it?

  • @GHunter I will leave a ziplock bag with your name on it on my shelf. It has the full kit. Feel free to come by tomorrow and grab it. Ask @Chainmaildave or @Bradley-Maker if you don’t know where my shelf is. I will put the full kit in there for you. Feel free to hang around and experiment with it on hack night.

    On another note, the stepper motor and drivers just arrived. So we have all the supplies for the workshop now. If anyone else is feeling brave and wants to start playing with their kit feel free to message me and I will have your kit ready for pickup at makerspace. @Ron_Ron @toxuin and I are looking forward to this workshop, it should be a lot of fun. :smile:

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