Industrial Sewing machine on offer

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    Hey everybody!

    A friend has offered up her industrial sewing machine for the space. It is a 251-3 Singer, and apparently its a bit of a beast, at least compare to my ziltch knowledge of what a sewing machine is. It weighs around 400 lbs, is on a 4ft table, and has an oil bath. Sounds like it is in good shape.

    Are we interested?

    I think it would have to go in the lounge? Which means re-arranging that space again…
    Or potentially upstairs?

    I know of a couple of people who wold probably come in and use it, and the friend who is offering has a couple of projects to do, but not the space for the machine.

    I think it could snag us a member or two, or at least get a few new people frequenting the space, which is always a good thing.


    Let’s discuss at hacknight tonight…

  • Manual for that machine:

    I was stoked before I read the manual. Only 251’s I’d ever seen are 251-3’s that will sew through nearly half an inch of stacked leather and heavy canvas… 9/32" maximum lift on the foot is not optimal for machinery covers and heavy tarps or vehicle upholstery. That said, if we can find a walking-foot attachment, and maybe a bar-tacker to fit it, there are a ton of projects I’d use it for. Mostly reinforcing straps on backpacks and camping gear. @hdsheena does things with leashes and dog harnesses that could probably benefit from the ability to reinforce stitching occasionally too.

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    I’ll look into it…

  • Take it. I have an industrial Brother machine. Sewing is really fun and satisfying. Great skill to gain.

  • I have been on the lookout for a stepping foot machine for the space. I have a lot of experiance with simmilar machines in upholstery space. I can come help pick it up.

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    The big question is where to put it. It’s heavy, we should figure that out before we back it up to the door…

  • I think we should look at putting it in the design lab or the lounge. If we can get it here I will find a home for it in the space as this is a machine I personally have a lot of use for.

  • I had someone ask on Tuesday if there was one at the space, and so the need is obviously there. It will be another great addition.

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