An aquaponics demo/workshop?

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    I’ve been talking with Roland Peltier of Vortex Aquaponics.

    He is interested in coming to see us, put on a demo, show us a few things, and maybe help us design a system for the space. In his words, put on a presentation about “food security, aboriginal wisdom, passive solar greenhouses, and aquaponics.”

    He also has a 70 litre tank available that could get us started.

    I think it would be a great thing for the next permaculture meeting @Shelaigh

    But we could do it separately as well if the perma-meetings are all booked up.

    Who’s interested?

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    I am really interested.

  • Definitely interested! Will likely see Leyland this weekend- did he indicate when? We have a topic for the April meeting and think we are holding it at TRU - maybe May? I will pass it by The Permies. Or if you want to hold it seperate/ earlier that would be great too! Talk about it tomorrow?

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    @Shelaigh Yeah we can chat about it tomorrow…er, today. See you this afternoon

  • I am very interested in this workshop

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