Our 1390LC Laser Cutter

  • Our laser cutter will arrive in the next couple of weeks. :fireworks: :smile:
    Here is a thread to document everything we know and learn about this machine. First some picture of our machine from the manufacturer:

    1_1458364486277_laser.jpeg 0_1458364486276_laser2.jpeg


    • Laser- type: Sealed CO2 laser tube
    • Laser power: 100W
    • Cutting area: 1,300 x 900mm
    • Cutting speed: 0 - 24,000mm/min
    • Resetting positioning accuracy: ±0.05mm
    • Working voltage: AC 110 - 220V ±10%, 50 - 60Hz
    • Gross power: <1,500W
    • Operating temperature: 0 - 45°C
    • Operating humidity: 5 - 95%
    • Graphic format supported: BMP, PLT, DST, DXF, and AI
    • Driving system: Stepper
    • Cooling mode:water-cooling and protection system
    • Auxiliary equipments: Exhaust-fan, air-exhaust pipe
    • Controlling software: DSP control system
    • Includes red dot pointer
    • Includes auto focus
    • Includes air compressor
    • Warranty: One year
    • Manufactured in Jinan, China

  • Is there a PDF manual for that unit? I was reading up on the alignment procedure for the full spectrum cutter that seems similar.

  • Looks like a nice machine, definitely something I would be interested in using.

  • Design Lab

    57"x48"x40" and almost 500lbs.

    laser engraver MB-1390LC
    Applicable industries: advertisement,arts and crafts,shoes,toys, computerized embroidery and clipping,gaments,model and construction industry.

    Processing area
    1300mm900mm (4feet3feet)
    Laser power
    Laser type:
    Sealed Co2 glass laser tube
    Cooling mode:
    Water cooling and protection system
    Resetting positioning accuracy:
    Compatible Software:
    Laser cut 5.3, CorelDraw AutoCAD Photoshop
    Whole machine size:
    Engraving speed
    Cutting speed
    Cutting thickness
    0-25mm acrylic (others determined by materials)
    Resolution ratio
    Position system:
    Red dot
    Minimum shaping character
    letter 0.5mm, Chinese 0.5mm
    Support graphic format
    Gross power
    Driving mode:
    DC0.8A 24V stepper motor
    Cooling mode:
    Circulation water cooling
    Working voltage:
    AC 110 - 220V±10%, 50 - 60Hz or depend on customer
    Operating temperature
    Operating humidity:
    Driving system
    Up and down table, rotary attachment
    wooden case
    Guarantee time:
    1 year, laser tube 6months
    Rotary attachment for column materials
    Video to tell customer how to operate the machine
    Net weight:
    190KGS before package, 240KGS after package


  • I’m quite curious about how it talks to that rotary attachment too… Might have to build one so we can engrave on ABS pipe and wooden dowel. I’d be very interested in making some custom carved walking sticks.

  • Design Lab

    @arasbm is there a PDF manual for this machine? I cant find one on the threads here…

  • @Vaughn the manual was missing when the laser arrived. For some reason they sent us a nice empty flash drive. I contacted the manufacturer and they sent me a link to download a generic “pdf manual”. I have not posted it here because after reading it I realized it will probably cause more confusion than help. I have printed two copies of it and left them at the space for people who are interested to look at it. Based on that manual I am creating two documents: an operation manual and a maintenance manual.
    If anyone is interested in reading the generic manual let me know and I can email it to you. However I rather we don’t post that publicly to avoid confusion. I will get the first draft of operation manual out this coming week. Thanks for your patience!

  • https://app.box.com/s/uwd3nevukl0ok7dd8cyskq0ouhipj34g tested the laser chiller. Put in warm water and set the thermostat to 20c . The A.C. controls worked fine. Put it on auto so the fan motor started on high and gradually slowed down as the water cooled. It cooled quickly. The pump is needed to circulate the water effectively. Convection won’t work. Also no leaks.

  • Some mods we should look at, based on the first evening’s cut time.

    • Add a simple hour meter. There are many ways to set up this sort of logging but this is an easy one:
      http://www.princessauto.com/en/detail/2-in-hour-meter-gauge/A-p8042851e Just an easy way to make sure that we have a hope of following the maintenance schedule… If you know that you need to clean some part every 120 hours of run-time, it pays to know how many hours the laser has actually been burning.

    • Better air filtration. We had the smoke alarm go off at least once, and the smell was quite noticable from the lounge. If we don’t want complaints, we should look at some serious overkill exhaust filtration in the near future.

    • Dedicated computer. Same deal as the CNC router and the Vinyl cutter. It is just easier to have a machine all set up and configured to run the gear. I have an opportunity to stop by a cow-orker’s house this weekend and pick up a bunch of working computers. They’re most likely to be better than most of the things we have at the space right now, so we can set one of them up as a dedicated Lazer controller. That’ll free up Ron’s laptop, and potentially allow us to hook in additional logging. Things like water temperature, current going to the lazer, maybe even some particulate sensors become options. Once we have this sort of logging, the hour meter becomes somewhat redundant, but I think I will still put the hour meter on, because that can be done in 15 minutes with little effort, and can be used to confirm that all the fancy computer logging is actually tracking all the things. If at some point the hour meter shows 10 hours more than the computer does, then we know that we are dropping log messages. :) This is much better than just not knowing and screwing up the maintenance schedule.

  • Glad to see it running. The smoke issue is a surprise. I’m going to guess thats because we didn’t have any foam stripping for the door.

  • Caught people it the lounge by surprise, because we’d about forgotten that the death ray was supposed to go online last night. So there was a certain amount of “Do you smell smoke?” Maybe somebody wandered in the front doors with a cigarette… Lasted until the first parts were victory-paraded around the building.

    It was not oppressive or anything, but if we can smell it in the lounge within minutes of firing it up, then it will be noticeable elsewhere if we cut a bunch of parts in a day. I’d just as soon not have to deal with bylaws and nuisance complaints. Ask @Nicholas about how some people in this town call city hall about every detail when you want to make something awesome.

  • First of all, I want to thank everyone that worked so hard to get the laser in position up and running. Especially @tinfoilknight who spent several late nights working on the chiller system and the awesome air filtration system. Thank you @Nicholas for all his hard work along the way and helping align the laser. Also big thank you to @Chainmaildave and @Vaughn for jumping in and helping whenever they could.

    Regarding some of the comments above @pierre brought, I am surprised we are even talking about those minor issue. I mentioned to everyone yesterday that this was the very first test. We wanted to be open and share the excitement of the first cuts with everyone on the hack night. I think last night was a big success and we obviously have a beautiful and well functioning laser system now.

    What we had last night was obviously not the final setup that the laser will be used in. Of course we are not going to use @Ron_Ron’s computer, don’t be silly! :laughing: I mentioned to most people last night that I am going to a couple computer stores in town to see if I can get a few computer donated to us. The smell will go away once we fix the door. I just bought weather stripping and working on that today. I am also planning a full fledged tracking system using a micro controller, but all that is not that exciting.

    I think most people now want to start using the laser, so I am going to focus my attention to finishing up the user manual and running a few workshops for our members to get up and running. Stay tuned and I will post the fist version of the manual here as soon as it is ready. I might even make some introductory videos if people are supportive of that idea.

    Lets not get bugged down by small inconveniences. If you have concerns about how we run or maintain the laser talk to me, @Nicholas @tinfoilknight @Vaughn @Chainmaildave. We should give ourselves a pat in the back for the great job we did. Having a running laser in our shop is a great success and it will be an important tool to enable our existing members make more things, and we also attract more members.

    Lets look at this beautiful cybertooth we cut last night and enjoy the satisfying result :satisfied:


  • @arasbm I think you misunderstand my intention in posting up a to do list in this thread. I’m not trying to complain about the cutting last night. I’m trying to make a list of stuff to do and to encourage members to suggest things that we may have missed. You constantly remind people to use the forum … And as far as I’m aware, this thread is the designated repository of all information regarding laser cutter setup, configuration, maintenance and operation.

  • I dont mean to pick on you @pierre . Yes by all means please use the forum to communicate and document your projects. I am just asking to be conscious that other people are putting a lot of efforts to get things done and we should support everyone in their effort with some positive feedback. If all we did here was to point out what is missing and what is wrong this forum will turn into a pretty sad place. :smile:

  • Linux

    I just wanted to commend Pierre for neatly putting together a list of needed improvements and steps (even offering to do some of them!) To repair issues!
    And commend Aras for putting together a great summary of the laser cutter accomplishments for those of us who weren’t there when it was happening.

    Just in the name of accolades :)

    Learning and working on learning more!


  • We were running some of @Nicholas lizards in very thin oak veneer… @Ron_Ron figured out that we can vastly decrease escaped smoke by putting some clamps on the middle of the filter cabinet. The veneer is super crumbly and does not want to sit flat. To get it to cut well we needed to tape it to a heavier spoil board. I’m now designing a laser cut vaccumm table with an MDF spoil board…

  • Design Lab

    Hi @arasbm here is a draft of the laser checklist and a start on a focal depth, power and speed setting guide for different materials:
    0_1462842128314_Laser checklist.pdf

  • Design Lab

    Materials caddy for Laser cutter:

    60"x16"x48" - 3 slots of 5", 3 different slot heights

    0_1462843130250_Laser material caddy.pdf

  • Design Lab

    @arasbm the pdf above shows the laser caddy design…

  • Metal

    The caddy is assembled and in the fab shop but missing the interior dividers. I haven’t had a chance to get to Windsor plywood yet. It does work without them and definitely helps to keep the shop organized!

  • @fullmetalbuddha thank you for finishing it up, it looks awesome! @Vaughn thank you for designing the caddy and also for painting it! If the 1/8" press board is not there tomorrow afternoon, I will go and buy one.

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