Our 1390LC Laser Cutter

  • I am not sure how these things have been done in the past. If a members Credit Card has been used to make the purchase or some other method. However if a Credit Card is required and we don’t have anyone else willing to we could put this purchase on my card.

  • Scorpion will kick in $200, and you can use our US$ VISA if needed. That would save a few $ on the conversion.


  • @Vaughn The space has no spare money. We can just make rent and the bills are adding up. This is why its critical that when a fundraising opportunity shows up liker Hot Nite that we take full advantage of it. Money can be sent to the memberships email, just add a comment what the money is for. I put a link to 101 fundraising ideas on the agenda for tomorrow.

  • Spent some time hunting through Reci’s documentation mostly via Google translate. It appears that W series tubes are all new old stock. They have not been manufactured since May 2015. If I’m reading it correctly the S4 is a drop in replacement for the W4 with better service life and higher peak power output.

  • Design Lab

    @pierre @arasbm can you confirm the manufacture date of the tube via your chat with Wilke?
    Thanks guys - appreciate your work!

  • @kile and I looked at the old tube, it was an S4 made in November of 2015, but I did not find any of the Reci anti counterfeiting features from their website. I suspect they were added recently though.

    The hour meter says 275 hours in the last four months or so… An S4 tube should get about 10k hours according to Reci’s website, which I don’t think there is any way we hit.

  • I can throw in $50 Canadian Dollarydoo’s.

  • Looks like we’ll have a tube en-route shortly. I have a tentative deal where we split shipping with another interested party in progress, and am waiting on the final quote so I can make payment.

  • Design Lab

    @pierre good news! Is it the 100 watt?

    Also, what is the word.on the rotary tool? Are you able to find an off the shelf unit we can get? I was in a trophy shop today and they have one.

    Thanks for your work on this.

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