Our 1390LC Laser Cutter

  • I am not sure how these things have been done in the past. If a members Credit Card has been used to make the purchase or some other method. However if a Credit Card is required and we don’t have anyone else willing to we could put this purchase on my card.

  • Scorpion will kick in $200, and you can use our US$ VISA if needed. That would save a few $ on the conversion.


  • @Vaughn The space has no spare money. We can just make rent and the bills are adding up. This is why its critical that when a fundraising opportunity shows up liker Hot Nite that we take full advantage of it. Money can be sent to the memberships email, just add a comment what the money is for. I put a link to 101 fundraising ideas on the agenda for tomorrow.

  • Spent some time hunting through Reci’s documentation mostly via Google translate. It appears that W series tubes are all new old stock. They have not been manufactured since May 2015. If I’m reading it correctly the S4 is a drop in replacement for the W4 with better service life and higher peak power output.

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    @pierre @arasbm can you confirm the manufacture date of the tube via your chat with Wilke?
    Thanks guys - appreciate your work!

  • @kile and I looked at the old tube, it was an S4 made in November of 2015, but I did not find any of the Reci anti counterfeiting features from their website. I suspect they were added recently though.

    The hour meter says 275 hours in the last four months or so… An S4 tube should get about 10k hours according to Reci’s website, which I don’t think there is any way we hit.

  • I can throw in $50 Canadian Dollarydoo’s.

  • Looks like we’ll have a tube en-route shortly. I have a tentative deal where we split shipping with another interested party in progress, and am waiting on the final quote so I can make payment.

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    @pierre good news! Is it the 100 watt?

    Also, what is the word.on the rotary tool? Are you able to find an off the shelf unit we can get? I was in a trophy shop today and they have one.

    Thanks for your work on this.

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    @pierre can you let everyone know what the timeline is for getting the laser back up? With all the Fall programming on hold over this, we need to know.

    @Grant-Fraser same question on the laser chiller? Will it be ready when the tube is?

    I have cancelled Mighty Makers for the Fall, we’ve missed thousands in fundraising cutting over the summer, the Clay Space rotary tool is still up in the air (after 4 months) - frankly, I have suspended any planning or sponsorships or grants etc until further notice.

    We are losing key members over this, as well.

    If the success of the Makerspace depends on such a slow process, I am going to reconsider my own involvement and investment in the Makerspace. I have brought in many $1000’s of dollars in sponsorships and support (the most recent being iTel’s donation) and spent 1000’s of hours and dollars working in every shop and studio in the Space for everyone’s benefit - if others aren’t willing or able to come through on their end (or even answer my messages), I need to decide whether I should join the growing list of former good members who turned in their key in frustration.

  • The laser is in transit. Anyone who has ever ordered anything online knows how frustrating those words can be. We can’t throw a rope and drag it here faster.

    The cooler is a couple of hours away from ready and maybe a couple more hours away from awesome. A small sturdy table to sit it on would help.

    I’m also working on a concept for a water bath filter for the laser. It won’t need to be ready in advance as the old filter is still operational.

  • I received the tube at work today. Brought it in and wired it into the machine tonight. We had an issue with the chiller (replacement cooler is just waiting on the silicone to set up…) Grant and I made a quick test cut using a bucket of water and a pump, figured 10 seconds or so of burn would not heat the two gallons of water significantly. We confirmed that the tube fires properly, and will cut posterboard without issue.

    Now we just need to install the chiller, and do alignment checks and we will be back in business.

  • Just for notation purposes, the second tube was installed with 275.7 hours on the meter. That will let us figure out how long it lasts for.

    After a discussion with @Grant-Fraser tonight, I’m going to reach out to the tube manufacturer (they’re very helpful to talk to) and see if they can get me information on optimal water temperature to maintain. If this tube works out well, I want to talk to them about their more powerful tubes and power supplies that will fit our machine. Ideally, I’d love to be able to blast through 3/4" ply. We’d really have something if we could living hinge that material.

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    Is the running tap water of the building cold enough to chill the laser tube? It is quite cold already; is it possible to just use running tap water and allow it to drain away? If this were possible, it would be its own pump, we wouldnt need a chiller (saving much needed floor space in the fab shop), would be able to ensure it is running when the laser is firing, etc?

    Occam’s says it wont work, but it does come to mind - determining the optimum water temperature for laser tube and comparing it would confirm.

    I am not suggesting changing current plans for the water chiller - just curious.

    Id like to say that during the 12 months I worked with the laser and roamed the Space, I happened upon at least 3 occurrences of noobs running the laser WITHOUT the water chiller running, simply because they forgot to turn it on. If we extrapolate that for non-issuance, we are looking at potentially MANY HOURS that the laser was run WITHOUT ANY active water chilling. Surely this has had detrimental impact on the life of the tube.

    If it were possible to make it automatic for the chiller to be engaged whenever the laser is firing, I think that would be very useful. Perhaps there is another way to ensure the chiller is operational at all relevant times?

    While I am prattling on, I also think it would be a good idea to order another laser tube as soon as the current new model is confirmed as functional, ‘shelf-life’ be damned - had this equipment gone down during winter we would be totally hooped, and many planning, programs and memberships have been very adversely affected by its down time. Apparently, its a key key thing.

    thank you to @pierre, @Grant-Fraser, @arasbm, and everyone else who has worked on this.

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    @Vaughn, a low tech way to make sure the chiller is on could be to find somewhere to store the keys to the laser on/under the chiller. Have the policy that unless the chiller is running, THAT is where the keys live. Not saying it is perfect, but having to get the key from 5 ft away (off a a sign saying “Is the chiller running?”) would probably be enough to remind most people the chiller should be running.

  • As we discussed earlier, what is really needed is to wire a temperature sensor in the water line in series with the flow sensor. The flow sensor currently attaches to an interlock connection on the high-voltage power supply. That means that the laser tube will not fire if the water is not flowing. Adding a thermostat that detects “water too hot” and kills power to the laser is a reliable way to ensure that the tube never gets too hot.

    The real advantage to that is that in addition to operator error, it covers malfunctions of the chiller unit. The flow switch detects if the pump has not been turned on (which we automated a while ago) and also covers pump failure, ruptured hoses, blockages etc.

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    @pierre, I can buy a hook today and stick it on the chiller with the keys hanging from it. This will not impact the effectiveness of a complicated technical solution (if and when it is implemented).

    I think we should implement both of these suggestions.

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    Ill make a decal for the right spot on the laser that says “TURN ON CHILLER” or something…

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    @Vaughn maybe on the lid so it could be bigger?

  • What is the software that everyone is satisfied with using for the Laser cut. Have a friend who has a smaller version and is looking at getting into image engraving with (think it is a similar model to the one in MakerSpace).

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