Z artifacts (3D printer)

  • Hey Tyler (if you’re a member here),

    I discovered something else that can cause artifacts on the Z axis.

    When you use a helical coupler to join the stepper motor and the Z-axis lead screw, you want to make sure that the lead screw is actually touching the stepper shaft (inside the coupler).

    If they aren’t touching, then resistance in Z can cause the helical coupler to compress and expand, which causes artifacts.

    Just something else to check.

  • @dhylands yes he is here, his handle is @teastman , I know he was out of country but should be back soon.

  • I’ll give him a poke tomorrow if he doesn’t see it.

  • Hmmm, I wouldn’t have thought about that. Are you using something other than helical couplers? I’ll take a look and check the lead screws. Thanks for the heads up.

  • @teastman The MM3 also uses helical couplers, and somebody on the MM3 list had some Z artifacts that looked very similar to yours:

    and the MM3 guys explained that that’s why their build instructions say that the leadscrew should touch the stepper shaft (otherwise the couplers will compress).

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