Help making a pocket enigma machine

  • I’d like to (shamelessly… see link below) make my own pocket enigma machine from a CD case. But, I’m wondering how to reduce the size of a cd.
    Is there a way I could mount it in a metal lathe and cut from the side, to remove a ring?

    This was also mentioned in the MagPi, issue 25

  • Use the center jaws on the three jaw chuck, maybe bring up a ball-bearing pad on the tailstock for support. The CD might need me to borrow the spacer off the CNC sherline mill to get the headstock up high enough on my little sherline mill. Crazy person method is to swing the headstock 90 degrees and cut with it hanging over the edge of the bench. I’ve done that before but I don’t recommend it. We’ll set up somthing and get it cut.

  • @pierre That sounds great. Let me know if you plan to be there this week and I’ll bring some CDs.

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