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    This is a copy of the Shared List that is on Google Keep, so that we have a duplicate here on the forum. I have it broken down by member as well, so perhaps it is a little more readable. I hope to quickly go down the list and check things off at each meeting, or at least quarterly, to keep us up to date and on track.

    Bradley Maker will keep this forum list up to date; if it needs attention, if something needs checking off, or added, please reply to this thread. If you would like the google Keep list shared with you, reply here. This post will be pinned and this first post will be continuously edited and updated for easy access.

    Let’s get things DONE!


    • Update calendar
    • Update website ~Aras
    • Update address and member list ~Aras
    • Embed calendar in forum- Aras
    • Get a switch/knob on the wall linked to web to notify space open - Aras, Grant


    • Put cleaning SOPs on github-Aras, Nicholas
    • Get cleaning checklists and protocols in each room - Nicholas
    • Get second set of books for donations and goodwill - Nicholas
    • Streamline donations protocol - Nicholas
    • Bike repair workshops with ask wellness - Nicholas
    • Get basement fire extinguisher - Nicholas


    • Develop framework for strategic planning -brad
    • Look for fundraise entertainment - brad
    • Design and gather woodworking kits


    • Replace ceiling tiles - Jake
    • Get a cork board for tasks around the space - Pierre
    • Write action items on the whiteboard daily - Dave
    • Organize fundraising dinner - Sue


    • Design, Build solar kits for green expo
    • Design, Build kits for kids at events
    • Set a date for mt table work
    • Publish List of items we need for the space

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    The metal shop exit sign just needed a new bulb :) so it is done.
    The ceiling tiles are mostly done but we need some replacements someone said they might have some at home *looks at @Nicholas *

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