A note about this new Forum section

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    Good morning everybody.

    A big goal in my own life this year is to get organized, make plans, make notes, review and stay on track. I’m going to do my best to keep the same kind of planning apparatus in place for KM as well.

    I asked @arasbm to make a new forum section for this purpose. I will be suggesting recurring Agenda items to our meetings so that we can quickly review our goals and Tasks, pat ourselves on the back for achievements, and all stay on the same page.

    I will be maintaining a list of goals and tasks that will be pinned here for easy access and clarity in this section, as well as shared in Google Docs and Keep.

    This will also be a place to keep track of data collection. Whenever we ask the community for input or feedback, those polls and surveys can go here as well.

    @Nicholas, my plan was that we could also put the business plan, marketing info, budgets, projections, and other planning documentation here as well so that its all in one place.

    If anybody else has anything to add to this section, please do. Although my intention was that this section could remain uncluttered and clear so that accessing ‘the plan’ is simple and straight forward, so please be mindful of that.

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