MOTION: Framework for Strategic Planning

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    Since it was on my plate to do this by the last meeting, this section is fresh and new (I hope everybody will check it out at least briefly), and since our Motion for the Design Lab on the forum went so well, I thought I’d try it out again. I think we would be wise to start taking regular advantage of the ability to pass motions on the forum since we were so clever as to put that in the by-laws!



    Strategic Planning Framework

    • Review of Tasks list at each meeting, 5 mins allotment
      • get brief progress report on each
      • check off completed tasks and generally update the list
      • Brad will also update the Tasks list on the Forum after each meeting
    • Hold a Strategic Planning Meeting quarterly, 30 mins allotment
      • This would add 30 mins to our monthly meeting, quarterly
      • Review of High Level and Specific goals from the Strategic Planning doc
        • Add new goals
        • start a list of ‘completed goals’, giving ample applause and pats on backs
        • be sure that specific goals include reasonable timelines
        • Review progress of each specific goal
        • Brad will update the doc and repost it to this section of the forum
      • Review and update the Calendar
      • Delegate tasks, update Tasks List
      • These meetings would be held on the first monday of each May, August, November, with the AGM being held in February.
    • This gives us a chance to develop a culture of planning and celebrating at KM on a regular basis, which means practice for our AGMs.

  • This is great brad. My only suggestion is to make this guidline more general so it stays relevant longer. I like using keep but I am sure there are better tools and if not we may develop our own in future. Same with google docs. Instead of specific tools I would use “task list” or “document” and whatever medium you choose at the time is up to the person doing the work. Can you make that edit?

    Glad to see you are taking initiative to help us communicate better!

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    So I am fairly certain that we did not reach rough consensus here.
    I’ll put this on the meeting agenda and we’ll talk face to face where it cannot be ignored!

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    I’m all for it, but this is the only time I saw it come up. I hope to now be able to sniff around and find the other info mentioned here (tasks, etc) someplace in the forum.

    Learning and working on learning more!


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    There is a new section on the forum called “Strategic Planning”, and it is to house business planning, goals, and tasks. Everything is in there. I’m intending it to be mostly reference stuff for all of us working hard to come to find todo lists and goals to keep us on track and on the same page.

    But I hope that as the business plan is fleshed out it and discussions related can be housed here as well.

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    Motion passed at the last meeting. Thanks everybody.

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