• looks like @hdsheena has brought us several intercom units that match the one by the office. I just downloaded the manual for it will try to attach here after dinner. They work by daisy chaining them together I think. And they have a provision for attaching the doorbell, controlling an electric strike etc… Well worth trying to get them working I think.

  • Linux

    They were… Not installed by intelligent people. And I rescued them from the office garbage at work so… No guarantees but they should work fine :)

    Learning and working on learning more!


  • 0_1458704023477_LEF-1C-Instructions.pdf

    Install instructions including wiring info

  • It would be great to get those working as it seems the doorbell can’t be heard from the wood shop.

  • Yep, I’m pretty sure the one in the office is already wired to talk to the doorbell, so tracing out the wires and putting some on the other floors would be handy. If we can link up to the electric strikes we already want to put in, so much the better. Failing that, we hack them into network-connected intercom units and tie them to the infrastructure that way. Regardless, they are a nice set of parts to provide features we want.

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