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    I was up at west coast hydroponic today getting things for the norkam school kitchen project. The owner there was super enthusiastic and have us some old lighting gear that he had lying around.

    There are 4 digital ballasts that seem like they should work, they are in good shape, but have quit. Perhaps they can be repaired? Or at least scavenged for parts?

    If so, he gets one of these every so often that quits but is out of warranty.

    He also gave us an old hood/socket, a working ballast that needs a re wire job, and a 600 watt bulb. Which gets us closer to the aquaponics in the lounge.

    He says he has a bunch more stuff that he’ll get organized and bring to a hack night.

    hack away makers!!

  • Ballasts have all sorts of fun high-voltage goodies in them usually… Also they can make you bounce on your ass if you don’t discharge the capacitor in them. Consider yourselves warned.

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