Free glass donations from Centra Windows Kamloops

  • So we made a new business connection today. @Chainmaildave put me in touch with a guy from Centra Windows Kamloops and said they may have a few windows to give away for free. I called him up and then Rowan and I went there today to see what they have. There were a few patio doors and many windows in their dump! Most of it very good glass, even there was some tempered double pane stuff in there. They said they have to throw perfectly intact windows away every day! They are a bit worried about advertising free windows, for liability reasons. However they are very supportive of us and they said if we have a few people with gloves and a truck that can come to pick windows up, they would be happy to let us know when ever they have a pile of usable stuff.


    I asked them if they get any more padio doors I would happily come and take it (those are awesome for building passive solar green houses. Rowan and I tool a truck load from there today to my place that I plan to use for an aquaponics green house. If anyone wants some of their glasses next time they have a load please post here, and let me know what kind of stuff you plan to use and for what project. If there is a lot of interest we should build a glass rack for carrying them.


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    That’s an awesome connection and resource to have. I have been on the lookout for flat laminated glass which I intend to use one day when i make a sandblasting cabinet. I figured using a cheap, easily replaceable window would be the way to go as I image they will become abraded quickly with regular use. I first thought of plexi-glass, but that’s hard to find for free (in my experience anyways).

  • I am always looking for 2-pane glass. RIght now I have a plastic-sheeted greenhouse and slowly converting the sunny side to glass panes.

  • @dk Silica glass is much, much more abrasion resistant (Mohs hardness scale 7, versus 3) than plexi…

    If you think that glass scratches up fast in a blasting cabinet, you will not like the outcome of putting 50 bucks worth of acrylic in.

    In an ideal world, fused sapphire at 9 would be much harder than most any blasting media other than diamond or zirconia…

    The standard relative test for hardness is “will this object scratch that object?” (Testing diamonds by cutting glass with them…) We try not to blast with silica any more, because silicosis is no fun at all, but when that was the media of choice, the glass window and the glass blasting sand were of equal hardness… Glass shards will scratch the hell out of soft plastics in very short order… But you could try to scratch a glass window with a piece of plexi all day long, and you’d just get tired from scrubbing the glass.

  • Plate glass also makes a decent surface for a 3D printer build surface (often coated with something to help adhesion). Borosilicate glass is thermally stable, but lots of people have used regular glass as well.

  • We use 6" mirrors from the dollar store at work printing abs… Fast to heat up, and swap out. Hairspray for adhesion. We tried ABS juice, but it sticks too well. Mirrors explode as the plastic shrinks. With hairspray, the print consistently pops off when the glass drops to 60 degrees.

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    Hi, I am new to participating in these discussions, but getting quite interested. I was wondering if the glass would be available for artwork.

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    Im wanting to build a fair size light table on a rolling stand for the Design Lab and a piece of thick glass about 24"x36" would be AWESOME for that. If there is a something like that, we can use it.

  • Aras, this is a brilliant connection. Glass is useful for so many things. We too are planning on building a greenhouse in the future.

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    Agreed. Nice work gentlemen. I’d be interested in getting some to make some cold frames, maybe a small greenhouse, and a solar dehydrator. Apricot season is coming up quick!

    Maybe an solarium addition onto my suite as well…

    Let me know next time they call you.

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    @pierre I think fused sapphire would be just a little overkill for my (future) backyard bashup of a blasting cabinet lol.
    I figured plexi would be useful for maybe one or two blasting sessions and that would be it. No way would I pay money to make that mistake.
    Sounds like lots of people will be finding creative uses for whatever glass stock the makerspace can get its hands on :-)

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    I’m definitely interested too! Looking to build some cold frames for September and expand the growing season. I just ordered some weird tubers that start producing after fall equinox.

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    @CmrdWicheknap what kind of tubers did you pick up?

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    @Jason-Bijl Oca and ulluco. Check out

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