Help needed! Penticton MakerSpace

  • I moved to Penticton a little over a month ago and tried to find a makerspace or some sort of shop I could use to work on some projects and learn. Sadly ive had no luck. But Aras suggested to start a makerspace here in Penticton. Ive settled in and am ready to try to learn how to start this up. I hope one of you would be able to give me some pointers, maybe help me make a fourms for it and can help me understand the rules around this sort of thing.

  • Very excited to hear you are looking to start a Makerspace in Penticton. I think it is a good sized community for it and they have a great art culture. Being a tourist town they are very seasonal, I do not know how much that will effect it. I think the most important thing is getting a good group of founders together. You will find good people who will get excited about what you want to do. Kamloops Makerspace could not have gotten to where we are without a great group of people.

    There are a lot of details we can help you with when you get going. One thing you will experience however is the chicken and egg problem of a space and money. It is hard to get a space without money and hard to get money before you have a space. If you get out in the community and build support for what you want to do, you may find a space or be able raise funds. This was one of the largest hurdles we faced, one point I was thinking we would never make it.

    I believe we were working on a Makerspace for almost a year before we had a space. It was a long time before we were even an official organization. Persistence is the most important thing you will need. I and most likely all the founders of Kamloops Makerspace will do anything we can to aid you. I hope all goes well and feel free to contact me with any questions.

  • One of the things that you should try to do is find someplace that you can start hack nights at… Once or twice a month, some space where you can meet makers, discuss projects show each other what you’re working on. It makes it much easier to find your founders group if you have a chance to meet people and talk to them. Also, how often they show up for it helps you gauge their level of commitment.

  • I’m from Penticton, there is a lot of things happening in and around the cannery. It’s across from NAPA and houses the penticton school of dance. The coffee shop in that space has THE BEST caramal macciatto’s in town, at least it used to before i moved to kamloops 2.5 years ago… If you made a poster or flyer asking for interested people to meet up, for coffee to start discussions… i’d put it up there… And at the Dream Cafe on Front street… (it’s kinda like the art we are)… other places you can post… If you make a facebook group… post the link here and I will ‘go to it’ and ‘like’ share or whatever with likeminded individuals in the area.