Dado blade for the wood shop.

  • I just found an adjustable dado blade (wobble type) at Value Village. Look to be in pretty good shape.

    I’ve never used one, they look a bit finicky. But, useful…

  • I already brought a good one of those into the shop… It is mounted in a blue case.

    Brad has the shim-type setup there too.

    I find the wobble blades work very well in a radial arm saw, but have never used them in the table saw. In the RAS, I typically clamp several boards to the table, raise the blade until it barely touches the wood, and take a cut to remove the pencil marks showing where my cut needs to be across all the boards. Then I dial in my depth of cut, and take a second cut, making a stack of identical dado boards. If the saw is set up at all well, and the locks are set, it will be repeatable enough to make it dead simple to do quite complex matching parts that way.

    For a while I built about every thing with dado’d 2x12 lumber held with 3" screws. It was a good way to build strong enough stuff.

  • well, there’s no such thing as too many tools! ;)
    I left my dado blade in the shop, too.

  • Founder

    @Frank, thanks, I saw that this morning.

    I’m hoping I have some time during this stint of time off to get things organized so there is a place for it.

  • @Bradley-Maker Yeah, I was thinking of some sort of sawblade storage … thingy. Box with partitions perhaps?

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