Board Meeting: April 4th, Agenda and Notes

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    Monday April 4th 2016, 6:00pm

    1. Fundraising Dinner
    • Sell Tickets !
    • Facebook event, share it around
    • Musical acts, budget? How much time? Brad has 3 interested acts, let’s decide
    • Anything else to decide/delegate?
    2. Community Kitchen application review
    3. Strategic Planning Proposal
    4. Farm-to-school and other upcoming events
    • what needs to be done?
    5. 2nd Floor upgrades
    • Bathrooms, let’s make a list and delegate some tasks to get that done
    • Electrical for offices
    • other repairs and upgrades
    • if we are upgrading the heating, should we pull the heating pipes before renting?
    6. Lii Michif Otipemisiwak connection
    • Native 19-24 year-old housing project
    • Manager is interested in contracting us for outreach activities, workshops
    • Opens May 1
    • Manager will bring some of the residents by on a wednesday to see if we are a fit, keep our eyes peeled
    • Any ideas?
    7. Laser Cutter!
    • where will it live?
    • What does it need? Let’s delegate and get it set up and running

  • Copy and paste from Aras on item 6:

    Here is the list of things we need to do before we can turn on the laser:

    1. read all the docs, even the Chinese footprint
    2. build a chiller with flow and temperatures sensor and ability to turn off the machine
    3. install laser tube current meter if not present
    4. build filter box and install ventilation
    5. visually inspect machine
    6. install the tube, air compressor and chiller
    7. fill chiller with distilled water
    8. align the laser beam
    9. set laser focus
    10. Make announcement and set a time to test the machine

  • looks great. One more sub-item about the laser cutter that we need to talk about is how we handle modifications to the laser. I think we need select a group of people to coordinate all modification and also create the documentation for the laser cutter. This will be a good amount of work over the next few weeks. We need to select who will be in this group and what their responsibilities will be.

  • As discussed today, the application paperwork is completed for the community kitchen, so should be reviewed and discussed further before submission.

  • @sue mentioned she has to leave soon. I suggest moving the community kitchen and fundraising items to the beginning of the meeting.

  • Let’s add the laser cutter location to the agenda

  • I would like to adress communication as I feel some people may be concerned about issues and often bring their worries to the community at large rather than the person or persons that can answer a question. I hear about alot of things second hand that I could answer once and avoid the telephone game and sky is falling rumours. This does not pertain to any specific incident but is ongoing.

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    Did somebody take notes for this one? @Nicholas @hdsheena @arasbm

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    Sue, Aras, Nicholas, Dave, Tyler, Jacob, Tony, Pierre, Ashley, Courtenay, Ron
    Brad entered mid-fundraising dinner
    Grant came in mid- events

    1. Fundraising Dinner
    Taken care of by Sue:
    Menu, Mike’s, room rental, posters, advertising (kam this week, cfjc, midday), table cloths

    Manned by a volunteer – she keeps tips

    Need people to help out with cash portion of taking drink money.

    Gaming licence is done/good.

    Sue wants to see us sell tickets ahead of time. If everyone can sell 10, we’re in good shape.
    Nicholas needs to hear from people who have sold tickets, so we track numbers.
    Nicholas needs to hear from people who need tickets.

    WHO IS DOING THIS? - Video, slideshow, demos during the night

    Silent auction

    • Donations from members/community for silent auction - Will these happen? They need to be done ahead of time for Sue’s wellbeing.
      Sue will do centerpieces and we can work through other donations as we go.
      She needs solid commitments, not just “okay i think i’ll do this”
    • Center pieces - talk to jim?
      Forms for soliciting silent auction donations will be done by nicholas and tracked so we don’t over canvas.
    • Signs and Posters up in the building
      Pierre will take tickets to KIC

    7-10pm. We paid last year, $100. 2-3 groups at $100 each should be fine. Free food also.

    Tyler - gift box by 30th
    Adin - origami centerpiece

    • Clarity of centerpieces: make something cool, that is made by members. They get auctioned off too, with silent auction items.

    Silent auction donations and tickets must be in by 28th.

    Sell Tickets !
    Facebook event, share it around

    2. Community Kitchen application review
    Looking for approval for canning/preparation to resell kitchen goods.
    Sanitation plan - no different than normal procedure
    Put the application in and see what they’ll want us to change - they will want us to change our entrance, which we’re already working on.
    The approval opens us up to funding, appliance/tool donations, etc., as well as being able to use the kitchen.
    Dog access - may need to limit dog access to kitchen specifically.

    3. Hot nite fundraiser:
    Sue is going to their meeting to represent the makerspace. she’s assuring them we’re ready to go.

    4. Strategic Planning Proposal

    refer to post @

    • Approved by Concensus

    Add meetings as a sub category for keeping things tidy

    5. Farm-to-school and other upcoming events

    Meet a machines - april 16 - dragster, wind tunnel, pinewood derby track (still to be done…)
    So far just nicholas. need volunteers!!!
    8:30 set up, 10-4 public.

    • This happened and went well. Thanks to Dave and Nicholas for spending all day with children playing on the dragster…

    Pinewood Derby Track still needs to be done
    Wind tunnel - improve portability

    Farm to school day - hour of our time at henry grube centre May 10?
    bicycle powered blender - short a bicycle.

    Green Expo - showcase of food sustainability - we have a booth, and 15 minute presentation windows
    Activities around the event for kids to explore/play with
    Solar thing kids can build cheap and take home
    grant will work on it, spear head it.

    6. 2nd Floor upgrades

    Sinks - hot and cold and drains are good
    Toilet geysers, urinal not tried
    No door on the bathroom itself, stall has a door.

    Design room - doing signage, seeing more people up there - getting stuff going.
    Printers/photocopier/scanner up there - should the big printer move up?
    Shelves/tables/work spaces!
    Large format printer/scanner - plotter
    Vinyl cutter will take a plotter head too.
    Stock costs can be significant for large format plotters - Vaughn knows some people selling stuff at the moment.
    We’ll keep an eye out for such.
    Or let the sign shops do it.

    • Concensus: Focus on big format scanner/photocopiers for getting images.

    Second floor room rentals:
    We can drive membership if we had a space to do a new activity - clay/glass
    They have the equipment, will become keyholders,
    They will post a proposal on the forum
    Glass fusing, pottery, etc in one of the rooms. They think they can push 6 keyholders, which nick feels will justify the use of space.
    CSA kilns can be inside, so no concerns there. Don’t open it and use it like a forge!!! - Pierre
    Electricity costs for kilns are worth looking at.

    Growth needs to not replicate, and be self sustaining.

    Work toward paying what the building is worth - 3000-3200$/mo
    Renting the rooms out to subsidize it is less useful to us than using them to build membership.

    Heating upgrades:
    Nicholas is working with a heating designer - doing things in pieces, one part of the building at a time.
    Pipes need replacing, they are all cast iron and will rust out.
    Even keeping the boilers, we must replace pipes.
    Nicholas can post a summary on the forum

    7. Lii Michif Otipemisiwak connection

    Native 19-24 year-old housing project
    Manager is interested in contracting us for outreach activities, workshops
    Opens May 1
    Manager will bring some of the residents by on a wednesday to see if we are a fit, keep our eyes peeled

    • She will come by, we’ll find out more as things go. Job/skill building, and hobbies.
      Need help building a garden.

    8. Communication

    Negativity, rumors, etc.
    Input anonymously for marginilized members etc
    Clarity around communication methods for reporting issues (forum? someone specific? etc)

    9. Laser Cutter!

    where will it live?
    What does it need? Let’s delegate and get it set up and running

    • Controlling dust in the metal room is a good priority on it’s own, keeping the laser out of the discussion

    Metal shop

    Filters :)

    Aras - laser cutter maintenance/operation manuals

    • Plasticworks in burnaby - supportive of our makerspace

    Learning and working on learning more!


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