We have the laser!

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    @Nicholas and I picked up the laser from the warehouse in Richmond. We are now on our way back after taking a tour of the laser cutter at VHS. Our eta is 10:45pm


    Today is Wednesday march 30th

  • Here is the list of things we need to do before we can turn on the laser:

    1. read all the docs, even the Chinese footprint
    2. build a chiller with flow and temperatures sensor and ability to turn off the machine
    3. install laser tube current meter if not present
    4. build filter box and install ventilation
    5. visually inspect machine
    6. install the tube, air compressor and chiller
    7. fill chiller with distilled water
    8. align the laser beam
    9. set laser focus
    10. Make announcement and set a time to test the machine

  • @arasbm

    1. 3D print shark headware…

  • Design Lab

    Holy Cow! Do you need help getting it in the building tonight?? That thing is yuge. If you need help send a message here and Ill run over there.

    Exciting! Good goin’ guys.

  • We barely got it into the building tonight. Hooray. Had as many people as would fit… And that was just barely enough.

  • Electric

    I have some old contactors (30a I think) that should work to make a cut-out in the event the cooling system fails.

  • @James-TuskAuto I think we’re driving the whole shebang off a 15amp circuit, so that contactor should have no trouble handling the current for just the laser.

  • @James-TuskAuto yes, please bring the contractors! We need to build a system with temperature and flow monitor that would cut off laser if flow stops or temperature exceeds acceptable range. Thanks!

  • Woo! On behalf of the Vancouver Hackspace, CONGRATULATIONS!

    It was great meeting you guys yesterday. I am really excited for your organisation. It sounds like you have a great setup and even better crew of people.

    Keep me posted on how the initial setup goes and any difficulties you encounter. Chances are we’ve encountered the same issues at our space. I’ll post up a post mortem after we install our homemade cooling system since it sounds like we are embarking on a similar project.

  • @Logan glad to see you here and thank you so much for the tour yesterday. Talking with you yesterday was very helpful, answered many of our questions and we learn a lot already. We will keep you posted with our progress here. Hopefully you can come for a road trip this summer and check it out! :)

  • Electric

    @arasbm Ill do some digging for sensors, we can probably make a flow meter if we can’t find anything for cheap.I just ordered one from DX that would probably work but its weeks away still.

  • Linux

    I happened to get a few giant hepa filters… they need a bit of repair but could be useful for filtering pre or post-air from laser?

    Learning and working on learning more!


  • @hdsheena yes bring them in! they will be useful to build the filter box for ventilation.

  • Linux

    Water prefilter random google idea

    Learning and working on learning more!


  • Design Lab

    I’m going to paint the ventilation cabinet for the laser today.

  • @hdsheena brought in some charcoal filters last night too. That will help with the smoke and smell aspect of the output air.

  • Design Lab

    Almost done the painting, sealing and bolts for the vent cabinet…

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  • Design Lab

    @arasbm awesome!!! cant wait to get trained up on that :)))

  • Looks like they were feeding it DXF files from a program on Ron’s laptop. I’m going to guess that ascii lwpoly, with arcs and text converted to lines are likely to work. Because that is usually the safest bet on getting DXF compatibility with any given device.

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