Metal Cutting Bandsaw

  • I picked up my new matter separator yesterday. Well new to me anyway.


    I’m going to leave it in the metal room as a long-term loan thing. Variable speed goes plenty slow to cut steel. I chopped up some of the frame from the old vacuum former into useful sections of tubing to test it. I think it actually cuts steel easier than a zip-cut wheel on an angle grinder. I’ll probably chop up some more whenever I can’t think of anything else to do, stacking that tubing will be nice, and sets it up for future project builds.

    I’ll see if I can acquire a couple of spare blades, the one on there is not very sharp, and there is a slot in the case for a spare. I might get a fine and a coarse.

  • 0_1459587038455_58-14-6242d2.pdf
    Found the manual online. It throws a 35 3/8" x 0.020 blade. The thin blade is so that it can twist it 45 degrees to get a deeper cut.

    Looks like the good old Homeless Despot wants about $7 for these blades. So next time I’m in that neighborhood I’ll grab a couple.

  • Cut down a tailstock that I’m going to retrofit to my sherline lathe…



    I will flycut the bottom flat and mount to something that I can mount onto the bed. Preferably something adjustable… As you can see I left plenty of cast iron to machine to size, but I don’t need to turn the bulk of it into chips.


    Cutting off the base took maybe 2 minutes, just letting the weight of the saw feed it through.

  • Home depot did not have the correct size blades in stock. @Vaughn has suggested that Praxair is probably my best bet for sourcing them inexpensively.

    I talked to @fullmetalbuddha and he suggested a couple of TPI ranges that would be good, but I’ll be damned if I can remember them… Maybe 18 and 32TPI?

  • I do most of my cutting with 24tpi. It works fine for thin wall tubing. 32tpi is good for cutting sheet metal, 18 for bar stock. You want to have at least 2 teeth on the work at all times. Too fine a blade cuts slower, too rough makes a jagged cut.

  • I’ll try to get a 24 and an 18 then. I suspect we can plasma cut most sheet.

  • Speaking of metal cutting bandsaws. I have a small power hacksaw in need of some repairs if someone is interested either for themselves of the makerspace. It was working very well for years and then started stalling out. It was similar to what you might expect when a belt slips only this hacksaw has no belts. My guess is a grub screw just backed of and is allowing a gear to spin. I just don’t have time or the want to repair it as I have a small bandsaw that does all my cutting. Let me know and I can drop it off at the makerspace if anyone wants it. I don’t want to drop off a tool that isn’t working is no one is interested in repairing it.

  • Nice. I’ll commit to fixing it. Been meaning to build a power hacksaw for years. I’ve got a ton of docs and diagrams of how different models work.

  • Sounds good Pierre, I will drop it of this weekend in the metal working room.

  • Design Lab

    @tinfoilknight @pierre

    the contact for Praxair bandsaw blade fabrication is:
    Jim, 250 542-6942
    The blades are made in Vernon at their plant, and then they ship them to the kamloops location once per week.

    May the 4th be with you…

  • I just talked to Jim. He thinks he’ll have 2 blades for me to pick up on Monday. 14TPI, which is coarser than I’d like but the price is good and I can have it up and running pretty quick.

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