Plasma cutting an image for a gift

  • My brother in law is a big ween fan. I wanted to make him a special gift. I recently started working at Fastcut in Kamloops, so I have access to a cnc plasma cutter and very knowledgeable people to help me out with it. So naturally I decided to plasma cut boognish (ween’s logo). I did a quick search on my lunch break and found this image which was a good place to start:

    I import that image into Inkspcape and traced it to get a vector image. Then I remove the fill and added a thin stroke. I then made sure all the pieces were properly connected.

    Next, I export the SVG (save as …) to a DXF file and we were pretty much set to start cutting. The file needed a bit of cleaning up and resizing once we loaded it onto the plasma cutter machine. Shortly after we were cutting.

    And we are done! I can’t wait to see the expression on his face when he see this, I know he is going to love it. :smile:

  • That’s cool, now I want a plasma cutter worse than ever😐

  • my dad might be selling one

  • Linux

    Very impressive @arasbm … not to mention a neat gift idea … I 2nd the plasma cutter envy.

  • Probably asking way more than I can afford Sireatalote but if he decides to sell one I would be interested in getting a PM with a photo or two and a price.


  • Here is a video of @sireatalote and the machine he is talking about:

    It is not the same one that I used to cut the boognish, but it is a pretty cool machine.

    @sireatalote if your dad ended up putting it up for sale, make sure to let us know here as well, you never know.

  • Ok I will do that

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