Fab shop re-organization

  • Metal

    Sunday afternoon I’ll be tearing apart the fab shop to make room for the laser cutter, and general spring cleaning.
    Anybody willing to lend a hand I’ll be getting underway around 2pm.

  • Linux

    Is the fab shop also the metal shop?

    Learning and working on learning more!


  • Design Lab

    Hey @fullmetalbuddha I can come at 2pm and help for an hour or two.

  • Metal

    Big thanks to @Vaughn and @tinfoilknight for their labour and expertise. The shop’s looking great!! Also @pierre for mopping up

  • Design Lab

    I wondered if we should build some more shelving and racks for the fab shop, including a rack for flatstock for the laser cutter? The more we can get shit off the floors, the better!

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