Girl Guide Group Tour Wednesday April 13, 2016

  • Wednesday April 13, 2016

    A girl guide troop of 20 people will be doing a tour of the building during the hack night. We are going to try to demo the 3d-printer, 3020, CNC wood router, and vinyl cutter. They will have 3 leaders present and plan to break into 3 groups.

    @arasbm @fullmetalbuddha @Vaughn and I are currently planning on trying to herd them and try to run the demos.

    Because discussion has gone to using the logo in some of the demos, I’ve attached it in a couple of file formats… The EPS is particularly useful for vinyl cutting. The svg with gcodetools can generate nc files for cnc machines.

  • What unit number(s) are going? There may be a chance to make more specific logos.

  • 1st Summit Guides

    I’m not sure what that means exactly. I remember having 3 digit troop numbers when I was young.

  • Design Lab

    @pierre sorry to be dumb, but how do I dowload the EPS from here? Or could you email me it to ?

    I will be ready at (what time?) to cut 20 of these logos and give the kids one each.

    Probably best to make a schedule of their tour?

  • Looks like the download did not finish properly, @pierre you may want to edit your post and upload it again. I think ESP files are supported here, it just did not finish uploading.

  • It was throwing an “Unsupported MIME type” error. Rather than try to fix it, I stuck them in a github repo and linked it here. :)

  • @pierre Go with “1st Summit Guides” as the unit name. They all have names like that." (Eg. my daughter is in “2nd Kamloops Brownies” unit).
    I think they’d thrilled to get something with their name and logo.

  • Design Lab

    Where is github? If you just email me the vector (I know, it is soooo last year, but humour me?), I can move forward with prepping this.

  • Design Lab

    ok, aras got me the logo - ill be ready to cut it 20 times Weds night!
    these Girl Guides are our members 10 years from now - lets show them a good time!

  • Design Lab

    Can we plan to cut them a wood sign with the CNC router? A GREAT demo - life changing!

  • @Vaughn I was thinking something that said 1st Summit Guides with a mountain in the background. Maybe on plywood. Something that could be used as a door sign or a campsite sign at a jamboree.

  • Design Lab

    @tinfoilknight ![2_1462737306574_girl guides logo.jpg](Uploading 100%) [1_1462737306573_girl guides logo.eps](Uploading 100%) [0_1462737306571_girl guides logo.dxf](Uploading 100%)

  • Design Lab

    ![0_1462737341129_girl guides logo.jpg](Uploading 100%)

  • Design Lab

    Hmmm, these files are not uploading properly. le sigh.

  • Design Lab

    0_1462737577302_girl guides mountain.jpg

  • @Vaughn I really like the drawing but I can’t work with it. It’s a jpeg rather than a vector graphic. Could you make the design as a vector graphic? I’ve tried to make a conversion but it hasn’t worked out.

  • So apparently, there was a mis-communication in the date. This should have been April 20, 2016… The are likely to show up around 18:30, Sorry for the inconvenience, but the upside is that we have an extra week to make things work.

  • Design Lab

    @tinfoilknight I tried to upload the AI and DXF files (see above), but they didnt take. I brought the image down to the space on a flash drive and dl’d onto the comp in the Design Lab (docs/users/corel user files/makerspace/).

  • I got the updated vector files from Vaughn, here they are: guides logo.dxf guides logo.dxf

    @arasbm is there a module we could load to make the forum allow members with access to the repo to do this automagically? When you upload a file with unknown mime type, hit github’s REST interface, push the file, and generate a link back to it… If it does not exist, I’ll bug Courtenay for access to the forum sandbox and code it up myself.

  • I’ve been trying for days to get the DXF files into a 3D shape. I cant seem to do anything meaningful to any version of the drawings. In Autodesk Fusion 360 the drawing appears to be a set of dots with lines connecting them together. There are gaps but I am unable to convince the program to let me close them. I can extrude part of the drawing into a 3D shape but that causes the rest of the drawing to disappear.
    In inkscape the drawings are represented as wide lines. There are also gaps in the drawing but when you zoom in the gaps get smaller. Not sure who thought that was a useful program feature. I’m going to surrender. This requires a lot more experience than I have.

  • DXF imports fine into Inkscape. With a tiny bit of tweaking I get this SVG file: guides logo.svg

    Apparently I’d failed to properly link the EPS that Vaughn sent me: guides logo.eps

    I’ll try to run gcodetools at lunch and crank out a .ngc file for the CNC router to carve a sign about 3 feet wide.

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