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  • A new issue of Type will be out in April. This is their third issue and we have had an article in the first two about our makerspace. They have asked us to submit another update for this issue. Is anyone interested in writing this one? They will need our Makerspace column by April 20. It is around 500 words, and we may be able to submit an image or two with it. I was thinking to showcase some of the works our members have done in the past few months. Let me know if you are interested! I can help you out and you can have the article under your name.

    Edit: The magazine is scheduled to publish April 29 but that will likely change to a later date.

  • Design Lab

    I’ll try - what images should be included? Could you send them to me?
    What other info should be highlighted?

  • @Vaughn I am glad you are interested! :smile:

    I don’t have any pictures right now, it would depend on the content. There is also a good chance they will not include any of the pictures, so the article should not reference the pictures explicitly.

    I would highlight some of the projects that are going on right now. People are making cool center pieces for the fundraising, people fixing things around makerspace, people getting the laser cutter up and running (maybe with a good picture of the laser cutter?) etc. I would talk to @Ron_Ron, @fullmetalbuddha and @Bradley-Maker to start with, they have done some cool stuff recently. There are lots of other members that work on really neat projects as well.

  • Founder

    Best would be the fundraiser, but I don’t think the issue will be out with enough lead time to be of value.

    I’d focus on either the laser cutter, although there might not be a ton of progress in time to write it. Maybe we document the woodshop upgrades and write that up?

    I have some photos of random things around the space.

  • 3D

    Design lab! Vynil cutter! Laser cutter! There’s a lot of material to write about.

  • Workshops might be an interesting topic also.

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