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  • I just want to give a shout out to our building owner Natrisha. She has started her own business called Plan Genie offering business planning to startups and established companies. She has already helped us plan things for Kamloops Makerspace and has also helped me with planning my own personal business. A few other members here have mentioned to me that they are thinking about starting a business and may need some help with planning. I would not normally use this kind of service especially if it is “cloud based”, but their approach is very much people based and I can definitely use that kind of mentorship. I asked her to send our members a promotion and this is what she has offered us:

    We are pleased to offer “Learn how to run your business from a plan” expert facilitated training sessions for your small business and non-profit organizations.

    We offer a 1 year software subscription with 3 hours of facilitation for $495.00. This amount of time for facilitation will put you well on your way to learning and creating the “how to’s” of planning.

    We remain available for questions of our clients ongoing. We are a people centric company. Your success is our success.

    We believe in the “teach a man to fish” approach to business planning. All research evidences greater success and longevity to those businesses that plan.

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    As the developer of Plan Genie, I can attest to it’s value. I have worked with Natrisha (and the rest of the Pan Genie team) and feel their process of developing a working business plan is fantastic, as is their “people first” approach. If you are considering starting your own company, you need a plan - and the team at Plan Genie can really help you.

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