Awards to give away at our Fundraising Dinner

  • Sometimes when things get busy we forget to appreciate others around us. I just thought of a fun activity to do at our fundraising dinner to help us recognize how unique each of us are.

    I am going to start a list of awards here. Once you read a few of them I think you understand that these are mostly for fun, nothing competitive. I want to give these away to people at our fundraising dinner. I am hoping that evey member will receive at least one award and some people will receive more. Same award can go to many people. First list of awards that I have in my mind:

    • Most Arduino Projects Completed
    • Most complex CNC project Completed
    • Most awesome machine Upgrade Completed
    • Most Electrical
    • Coolest Build
    • Most Sarcasm Offered
    • Most time spent at the makerspace
    • Most screams
    • Most delicate build
    • Most intricate build
    • Most all nighters
    • Most original design
    • Coolest Hack
    • Fastest Build
    • Longest Build
    • Most useful donation
    • Most organization and cleaning
    • Being most helpful
    • Most electronics builds
    • Most 3D parts printed
    • organizing most workshops ;)
    • Awesome shop organization
    • Awesome outreach work
    • Most awesome demos
    • what else??

    Can you think of any other funny or practical awards that I could put on the list?

    I was originally thinking to do the assignment of the awards here as well, but I think that will ruin the surprise factor for the fundraising night. I think a better approach is if a couple of people help me assign this awards. I will make a list of all the members and their awards. You can message me if you want to nominate someone for one of the awards. You can also post here or message me if you have an idea for another award. In a couple of weeks I will finalize the list and will print an stack of certificates to give away :)

    What do you think?

  • most coffee consumed
    most times electrocuted
    most one-armed help offered
    most breakfasts

  • Member

    Most magic blue smoke released?

  • Design Lab

    Will Makerspace sponsors be thanked in some way? Also, they should be invited to the dinner?

  • Will Makerspace sponsors be thanked in some way? Also, they should be invited to the dinner?

    @Vaughn yes and yes! I don’t know if we have a exact plan yet but I was thinking of setting up a sandwich board with the logos of our sponsors and mentioning them. Let me know if you have a better idea, we should definitely thank them!

    Perhaps @Sue or @Nicholas had an idea for that.

  • Design Lab

    I am thinking it would be good to get a proper sponsors banner going - maybe 24" x 6" vinyl banner with a 6"x6" logo each. That way, we can display it in the lounge and also take it to events? Just an idea…

  • Design Lab

    sorry, i meant 24" x 6 FOOT banner, with grommets

  • It would be nice to design a banner that we could change easily… We wound up covering up the year on the BigCon banner, when we decided that in was not worth paying for a new banner each year.

  • @Vaughn that sounds pretty awesome!

  • Design Lab

    @pierre yes - the banner would alot a 6" x 6" space to each sponsor, easily removed if they drop out, or added to as new sponsors develop. seriously, innovative and over the top ways to thank our sponsors can turn into BIG DONATIONS. Especially on the outside of the building.

  • Design Lab

    gobo light projections of sponsor logos on the outside of the building come to mind!

  • Design Lab

    We need to invite sponsors to the dinner - even if they dont come. this is important in building the network - if they feel respected and recognized, they will come through with long-term, meangiful ongoing support.

  • @Vaughn The sponsors will be given comp tickets. This has been taken care of. I agree that the banner is extremely important. Yes, we will ensure sponsors are recognized during the dinner. We have various thoughts on this, which I must button up this week.

  • Design Lab

    Should I generate some options for making a banner? It may cost a few bucks for the materials.

  • Most number of dinners gone cold waiting for husband and kids to come back from Makerspace. :)

  • @Vaughn I personally think it would be a great asset and is extremely important.

  • @Vaughn this would be a good way to use that vinyl cutter. Make the logos out of a non-transparent plastic and form a cover over a colored light, whether blue, orange, red, etc. Either attached it to the surface of a few LED spotlights or make a detachable cap that fits on the end. JUST AN IDEA…

  • Zoetrope anyone?

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