Operation sphere was a success.

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    Stuff day at Sphere Research Corp. was a huge success. We scored a pile of electronic components. LEDs, diodes, capacitors, power supply components, reed switches, ICs, and a pile of obnoxiously orange t-shirts!!

  • @fullmetalbuddha For the orange T-shirts, if there is no other desired use for them, there is a really easy pattern to up cycle t-shirts into reusable cloth bags. If the bags / t-shirts were screen printed (does MakerSpace have screen printing equipment?) they could be sold to raise funds - put the bright orange to good use as the would stand out.

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    If the shirts are usable sizes, they could be screened with the KM logo and worn by volunteers at events or at hacknight or whatever. Are they all larges?

  • I’ve snagged the microfilm reader, torn it down and built it back up into a workable prototype of a shadowgraph/optical comparitor. Has about 22x magnification and a really sharp image.

    I’ll have to make up a modified stage that lets you move the part up and down, and a new fixed position mount for the optics. Then I want to add a grid to allow direct measurements from the screen, and a webcam to let you capture images off the projected screen. A controllable laser-pointer system for measuring distances and capturing points would be nice. Maybe add some encoders to the stage too.

    I’ve done some proof of concept stuff already. Projecting details of tool edges, screw threads and measuring stuff onto the screen. I’ll try to get some decent photos next time I’m at the space.

  • Nicely done @Chainmaildave and @fullmetalbuddha , so glad that you went there! There are lots of useful stuff in there!

    @pierre good work. I knew you would put that thing to good use!

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    The tshirts are long sleeved and all 3XL so they’re a bit baggy even on our taller members. We have hopes to screen print some (I know I want one and several more are spoken for :) but selling them to raise funds might not be practical.

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    @pierre I look forward to checking out your microfiche reader hack. tres cool buddy!

  • Aras kindly took some photos as I did a bit of a demo of the device’s magnification capabilities.

    This is a moderately small bolt. You can clearly see the deformed threads in the photo.

    This is the ruler that the bolt was resting on. Those lines are 1mm apart.

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    Wow, super cool @pierre . A totally useful hack

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