Woodshop Upgrades

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    @Bradley-Maker and I and possibly @frank are going to be in the woodshop tomorrow afternoon building two new 2’x8’ work benches with shelves underneath. Noon - 4. ;)

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    @fullmetalbuddha did you mention you knew what was wrong with the table saw?

  • We think the motor start capacitor is dead. I should look inside, and order one off ebay. They’re worth about 2 bucks.

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    The two new 2’x8’ bench/shelf combos are in (thanks @Bradley-Maker ) and the router table is set between them.

    If anyone finds a decent little router to dedicate to the router table, drop it off up there. I think @fullmetalbuddha was tinkering with one, too.

    I also dropped off a twoshelf cabinet for sprays and glues.

    Coming up:

    -moving the router table to the northeast corner of the room (with grant and tylers blessing, hopefully! @fullmetalbuddha @tinfoilknight )
    -setting up the chop saw on a stand at the right end of the benches, with the bed level with the bench (so you can cut really long stock)
    -fixing the better table saw
    -making more slot panelling for hanging tools
    -organizing the tool drawers
    -thinking about dust extraction system

  • @Vaughn moving the router is possible. I recommend 4 people. The feet are adjustable for re-leveling. The computer stand doesn’t disconnect so it needs to be dragged along with the table

  • @tinfoilknight said:

    The computer stand doesn’t disconnect

    First order of business: fix that.

  • I pulled the computer out, and decided that it needed a good cleaning. There was a pretty good layer of very fine sawdust covering all the internal computer components… CPU fan was moderately caked. We’ll need to monitor that in future. When I put it back together there’ll be a way to open the cabinet without a screwdriver, and I’ll put some connectors in place to make it easy to disconnect and reconnect the computer.

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    The craftsmen 8amp router has been repaired (after a complete teardown) and I just need to bolt it to the bench tomorrow.
    Next project is the table saw starter capacitor. I think we might have a suitable one in the hack room but I won’t know till I tear it down on Friday.

  • @fullmetalbuddha might want to check that collet… Looks to me like it is in upside down. The long taper part needs to locate on the taper inside the shaft to prevent wobble.

    Re: The computer on the CNC router. You can just unplug the cables at the back and move it around like any normal computer.

    Also: She’s gone from suck to blow! Apparently the reason that the CPU was caked was that the fan on the power supply was sucking in dusty air, blowing it onto the cpu, then the air would exit via the case fan into our filtered enclosure. This is not an optimal arrangement, so I removed and flipped the power supply fan and case fan. Now air is pulled in through the filter, goes into the case, hopefully cools components, then exits through the back of the machine. To facilitate this, I’ve added some foam gaskets, re-routed the wiring to make the machine easy to disconnect and move around, made a duct-tape and cardboard shroud to minimize dust ingress at the front of the case and added some wooden cleats to hold the computer against the foam gasket and keep it from shifting around. Oh, and I modified the front panel so it can be removed and replaced without tools, because that makes it easier to open it up and inspect for dust.

    I can feel cold air blowing fairly strongly out of all of the places that I’d worry about dust getting in so I think we may have the positive pressure thing working properly now.

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    Wow, good job, @pierre!

  • @pierre I thought the opening in the front was large enough to slide the computer out without having to take anything apart. Nice job with the key hole slots.

  • The front cover comes off easily now. The opening in the front has a shroud to decrease airflow in from there. I wanted to keep the air-gaps smallish so that it is easy to get positive pressure. The computer case now sucks air in the holes in the top of it, so I did not want the dust coming in through the front.

  • Founder

    nice! Thanks everybody.

    Do we have a plan for four of us to move the furniture around?

    My plan was to be there this afternoon, but my time is getting squished at each end.

    Working on the truck, then it’s off to daddy land.

  • Metal

    Yup, the collet was installed backwards, its been like that since we got that router… but you couldn’t lock the spindle to remove the bit and collet. Now that everything is fixed and its installed on the router table it’s all put back together correctly.

  • I tried to buy a replacement collet, and failed to find one that will fit. I machined the burrs out of the existing one, and hammered the collet roughly back into the correct shape. It was collapsed at the outward facing end from being installed backwards and cranked down hard in a desperate attempt to keep it from flinging bits across the room. If I have time I’ll post a diagram of how collets are supposed to work and why installing them backwards will not work properly, since we’ve got a few machines here that rely on them and I suspect that there are people in the world (at least the previous owner of that router!) who are not familiar with their method of operation.

  • I’ve dropped of a 1hp router to the wood shop. No idea if it runs as I didn’t store it properly and it got rained on.

  • Can somebody stick a label on that router? We should check bearings, commutator, brushes for water damage and lubricate before firing it up. Maximize the chance of it working.

  • Founder

    Sorry folks, I’ve been distant.
    Gardening season came early and its been a whirlwind. Lots of digging to be done.

    I’ll be around the space a lot next week, but mostly working on silent auction centerpieces.

    After the fundraiser is filed away I’ll be there the entire next week working on getting the woodshop nearly, almost, completely, fully functioning. Shopsmith parts organized being my main focus. Getting tools a place, preferrably on the walls. Project storage shelving up high on the east wall, and a system for waste management. help and Input is welcome and encouraged.

    Let me know if you have an interest in helping out. My goal is to have an efficient, workable woodshop suitable for running workshops in by the end of the first week of may.

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    I’m in, Brad. I have some feelers out for 3/4" ply for more shelving and one more 2"x 8" bench. Move the router to the other corner. Dado more slat panelling for hanging tools. etc etc etc.

  • Metal

    There is also another 5’x5’ peg board available if you guys have a need or want for it upstairs. I have too much stuff to do in the fab shop to help other than transfrr material and lend tools. I won’t even be back in the city till hack night next week.

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    I clearcoated the tops of the new workbenches and dropped off two drawers with tracks, for them. @Bradley-Maker let’s hook up and move the ball down the field in the woodshop this week.

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