3D Printed Xmas Gyroscope Ornament

  • I was finishing up some last minute gifts this weekend that I thought I would share. I found a model of a Gyroscope Xmas ornament on Thingiverse (Link Below). I changed the design slightly so that it had a snowflake instead of a star and added a personalized message. I also had to change the pin clearance from .4mm to .2mm as the first prints were too delicate and fell apart after a while. I will post my model on Thingiverse later this week.


    Check it Out!

  • not what I expected!

    full image


  • That is very cool! I like how you split the text across the two rings.

    FYI, looks The site image upload is having a bit of issue, I’ll try to fix that asap. For now, if you upload images to another sire like imgur or instagram you can embed them here using this format:
    That is the standard markdown format for embeding images. @alex I fixed your post by adding the ! to the beginning of the image references.

  • @alex How did you get your pics to show up like that? I am having trouble embedding them in the post??

    Nice reference to the design BTW!

  • @arasbm I can see alex’s pics in the post but not mine. What did I do different??

  • @meagan you can use the markdown format and reference the picture directly.
    For example in case of @alex the code for embedding his images are looking like this:

    ![full image](http://i.imgur.com/J4Ed8o8.png)

    If you still have problem, post the raw url to the images you have, and I can test them.

    you can always go back and edit your original post.

  • by the by, the ornaments author has started a rendering competition that I will finish!

    render at the speed of light!

  • 6/10

    if want, you can get source file here

    I’ve rigged it up right, you can clear the rotation on the rings and it should snap back to normal.

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