Volunteers needed! this Saturday (April 16th) for meet a machine

  • @Nicholas is representing us this Saturday at meet a machine event on the pow wow grounds. The event is on Saturday from 10am to 4pm. @Nicholas is planning to run the wind tunnel again like we did on the Family day. I can not make it this Saturday and he is going to need some help for sure.

    Is anyone interested in helping with setup and take down or running any activities? Our target audience are kids of all ages and if you choose to go you can choose what activity you get to run!

  • Pretty short notice, I’ll check my schedule. Do we have materials to do this motor?

  • Design Lab

    I upgraded the wind tunnel with @Jacob-S and dig the HNITC barricades lettering. Saturday Im booked for other stuff :/

  • Metal

    I’m going to be there to help @Nicholas but not sure what all were bringing besides the wind tunnel.

  • Unfortunatly, I’m in a middle of a move and won’t be able to help out. My apologies.

  • @heather yes we should have most of the materials for that project. That is a really neat idea!

    We have a bucket of AA batteries and there is lots of wire around the space. I don’t know if we have enough neodymium magnets around. The simple motors would be a really cool project to do!

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