Apartment 'infrastructure' to donate immediately, and on an ongoing basis

  • Hi girls and guys,

    I’m an Apartment Maintenance person by day. Among other things, I have to toss out lighting fixtures and venetian blinds every week. As an environmentalist/maker, this is very painful. The ceiling lamp in the image obviously works, but I’m supposed to turf it because it’s outdated, tenants knock their heads on them, and replacing bulbs in a two bulb fixture will be cheaper than a three-bulb one. The horizontal and vertical blinds have little gears and pulleys in them. Sometimes there’s small brass parts, but not this time.

    I can’t use this stuff but I’m happy to donate them to someone who can! Please call me at: 778-257-4204 in the next couple days, I have to toss it out by Thursday afternoon. You can also email me at stuffmaker76@gmail.com if you wish to be contacted about similar stuff in the future.

    Cheers, Clement Yeh

    1_1460522127311_20160412_171650.jpg 0_1460522127311_20160412_171617.jpg

  • The little worm-drive mechanism out of venetian blinds is nifty. They usually have a decent aluminum extrusion, and might even make a decent linear actuator by putting a motor on the chain drive. Hack on folk! \m/

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