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  • As many of you may know we have double booked the City of Kamloops Green Expo with the fundraiser dinner. This should not be a problem as the Expo is during the day and our fundraiser is in the evening. I am looking to get things as organized as possible now to make a very busy day as smooth as possible.

    We should try to use as many existing resources as possible. I would like to complete the blender bicycle that we are building for another event. I will make another post about this project. @Shelaigh are you going to be using the hydroponics set up you and @Bradley-Maker made for the event? @Jason-Bijl Is one of your bee hives available.
    @fullmetalbuddha we are going to be in the kidzone can we do ropes. @heather Could we do crafts that feature reused household products? Any other ideas or offering would be greatly apreciated.

    @Vaughn Could we do up some kind of banner and booth paraphernalia that we could reuse for events in the future. I would like to put together a setup that would simplify these outreach events.

    Anyone interested in helping with the event please let me know here. These events have been a great resource for the Makerspace and have helped greatly with the visibility of our organization. @tinfoilknight and @arasbm

  • A small solar tracker. One axis.

  • I thought about turning an old satellite into a solar cooker as done from @CmrdWicheknap for the Solar Cook-off. My version didn’t work out with tinfoil, but one could be done with reflective tape, mirrored plastic, etc.

  • Design Lab

    @Nicholas I need more information on what you want the banner and ‘paraphenalia’ to say, what size, etc. I’ll make some designs based on what I think you are meaning (a banner with MAKERSPACE on it, presumably).

  • If we do the “Green Expo” again next year, we might do a demo on how to use simple tools to safely diagnose and repair common problems with things. If people want to repair rather than replace their possessions, knowing this stuff is a key skill.

    Simple things. Check power, switches, grounds, fuses. Look for blown caps. Look for burns on the board or other signs of damage. Might pay to keep some examples of donated boards for teaching tools.

    Emphasize that a metal case with failed ground connection needs to be fixed. (So that damage that shorts the hot line to the case will trip the breaker instead of bringing the case up to 120VAC)

    That sort of thing. It is “green” with out being granola-eating pie-in-the-sky stuff. Just practical fixing and modifying things. Maybe even an emphasis on cool up-cycled projects. Ron’s spot-welder is a good example… Used to be a dead microwave, now it is a bad-ass metal joining tool.

  • Holder

    Yeah I have a hive that i could bring. @Shelaigh I have an led Grow light we could use with the hydroponics

  • @pierre That was my whole intention for this event. I have a number of broken cellphones. If I can get screens in time I will be showing people how easy it is to fix something most people throw out. I think diagnosis is above alot of people heads. However I would like Kamloops Makerspace to be the destination for people who want to learn these skills. I think a huge part of that is educating people that this is easy and useful.

  • @Jason-Bijl Sounds great, thanks a lot.

  • @Nicholas now that you frame it that way, we should also take @Ron_Ron’s draw bot. It is a great example of taking old electronics and re-purposing them and turning them into something cool and useful.

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