Bike Blender

  • Kamloops Makerspace has been asked to make a bike blender for an event. This is a resource we can used for a number of events going forward. I would like to unveil it for green expo April 30th and have it at our fund raising dinner. I have a sacrificial blender in my cuby at the space. We will need a functioning bicycle. I would prefer an old ten speed for aesthetics but anything should do. Instructions for building one are here I would like this not only to be functioning but appealing to they eyes also as it will be used to represent our space.

  • I have a bike there currently in the machine room by the scrap pile. Donated the Millenium 2000 bike there Wednesday. It bike still functions, but the wheels are flat, bike seat missing. Gears and chain may need a touch of oil, but should work for the purposes. Aras also showed me an exercise bike which may do for the project.

  • Design Lab

    Get me dimensions and Ill vinyl cut some makerspace decals for the bike tube or whatever. Colour?

  • Metal

    We dropped off a stationary exercise bike last week that I think would be ideal, its sturdy and kinda useless for anything else, we just need to modify the design to work with this unit instead of an actual bicycle but I think its do-able. should we bring this to Meet the Machines?

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