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    Hi All,
    I will be hosting a logo design workshop at the 'Space this
    ****** Thursday April 28 2016 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM in the Lounge.******

    Please store, organize or clear away anything you have in the Lounge by Thursday afternoon? I’ll be in to setup about 3pm - Thank you!

    Here is the link to the event, which is free for KM members, $25 for civilians.

  • promocode to get a ticket for free: kammakermember

    or reply here if you’ll be coming!

  • I added it to the calendar.


    Timing is a bit unfortunate relative to the fundraiser dinner and the green event though. I’ll try to come by and help with cleanup, but I can’t make any promises.

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    @pierre no prob on the cleanup - just giving a headsup that the Lounge will be be used on Thursday night and anything lying around on the tables and floor should put away by its respective owner.

    Thanks for adding it to the calendar - theres so many platforms to update with this stuff!

  • I’ll have those computers either out of the lounge or set up in the lounge for the workshop (your choice) for Thursday.

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    @pierre thanks, but I think I’ll just bring my box and run it on the flat screen. Thank you, though!

  • OK. I’ll haul them someplace quiet tomorrow and take my time about building them. I’d really like to make an inventory of the working computer parts.

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    Ill be in to setup in the Lounge around 4pm! Workshop starts at 6:30pm.

    If you are a makerspace member and intend to join the workshop, could you please goto the picatic link https://www.picatic.com/kam-makerspace-logodesign and get a free ticket using the promo code: kammakermember

    This way, we track attendance! Spread the word. Thanks.

    @nicholas @Bradley-Maker @Chainmaildave

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    I will be there as will @fullmetalbuddha (or so he tells me :smiley: )

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    The logo workshop went pretty good (I think!) - we had 3 civilians (two new to the space) and 5 members, so 8 attended which was about right for the room.

    From the feedback, it seems that it was informative and inspiring. The sample logo we developed LUCKY BALLS BATH BOMBS was entertaining - a lucky contestant got a free logo out of the workshop!

    THANK YOU to everyone who tidied up the Lounge for Thurs. night. and to @arasbm and @Chainmaildave for the tech support prior to the class.

    I purchased a DVI to HDMI adapter to plug into the flat screen - it is now in the small black box of cords that goes with the screen.

    My first workshop at the Makerspace :)

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    Oops, I should have also thanked @amanda for setting up the picatic and generally supporting! Thank yyyouuuu :)

  • No problem - happy to support!

  • Thank you Vaughn for taking the time to tell us about your design process and showing us some very interesting techniques. I definitely found the workshop was informative.

    Any chance you or @heather could post that lucky balls logo here? I think it turn out pretty nice, especially considering how quickly it was made! @heather I sure hope that business will go viral :smile:

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    That shamrock is really matching the name of the product!

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