Laser air filter

  • Activated carbon isn’t cheap. $178 / 50 lbs or $5/lb. 2lbs would fit in about a 1 liter milk jug.

  • Where did you go to source it?

  • I’ve emailed Lyons Landscaping to get a price on a half yard of it.

  • Lyons wanted $23 for a 1 kilo (2.2 lb) carton. Purity feed wanted $10 for the same container. Sunshine Gardens Greenhouse Superstore wanted $186 (I think) for a 55lb bag and Westcoast Hydroponic Garden Shop quoted me the $178 / 50 lbs or $5/lb. 2lbs

  • I think if I could get a bag of wood pellets or scoop the coarse shavings from the wood shop I could make my own charcoal. Not as good as activated carbon but a good excuse to burn hot dogs in the forest.

  • My buddy in Vancouver thinks he can score us some at a vastly reduced price through his work. Apparently they use a lot of it, but we’d have to bake it to drive out the moisture from coming from the coast… Based on @tinfoilknight’s numbers, I think we are looking to acquire about 6 gallons of it to make the filter. If anyone is making a run down that way in the near future, let me know, otherwise I’ll try to arrange a handoff.

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