Laser Cutting 101 Workshop

  • We are now ready to organize our first laser cutting workshop. I would like to offer this workshop to our members for free. I know that there are several members that want to get their laser 101 so that they can start cutting. I am thinking Thursday May 19th from 6pm to 8pm. Hopefully that will work for most people.

    If you have a laser project that can not wait until May 19th come talk to me.

    Stay tuned and myself or @amanda will post the picatic link here once it is ready.

    Edit: here is the workshop description

    Laser Cutting 101 Workshop

    Introduction to laser cutting

    In this workshop we will learn about basics of laser cutting, from preparing your design to choosing the material and using the controller software. We will cover cutting and etching wood and acrylic. We will be using Inkscape to design our vector images and prepare them for cutting and we use RDworks to generate the machine code for operating the laser cutter. We will go over various components that works together to operate the laser cutter such as filtration, cooling and compressed air supply. We then go over how to safely operate the machine. During the workshop we will attempt to cut as many designs prepared by the participants as possible.


    • Please bring a laptop with Inkscape installed
    • You are encouraged to bring a design to work on

    Workshop Info

    • When: Thursday May 19th from 6pm to 8pm
    • Where: Kamloops Makerspace
    • Cost: 40$ for non members, free for members who RSVP
    • Instructor: Aras Balali Moghaddam
    • Limit: 10 people

  • Member

    I am in.

  • I’m in.

  • Me too

  • I’m interested as well.

  • 3D

    Me yes.

  • Ashley is in too.

  • Ryann just signed up too. I will try to make the picatic page soon.

    So far we have 8 people. Thanks everyone!

  • Oops was meant to be a PM

  • Registration is live! Only 10 spots available, hop to it :)

    Here is the link with promo code already active for Makerspace members:
    promo code: kam-maker-member

    For anyone that is not a member:

    @Chainmaildave @pierre @tinfoilknight @dhylands @toxuin @arasbm

  • So I went ahead and bought a ticket using the membership link.

    I’d like to sign up for a non-key holder membership.

    Can I pay for a year in advance?
    Can I do an e-Transfer? (My bank allows email transfers of funds).

  • @dhylands awesome! I am so excited that you are are planning to join us. Many of our members including myself can learn a lot from you.

    You can send us e-transfer to

    Let me know if you are thinking of organizing any workshops too! Perhaps something in early June? :)

  • I think I’d have to wait until July. I have a work week mid June and I’ll still be a bit busy until then.

  • Here is the current version of the operation manual which I will be using tonight. See you all soon!

  • That was great, guys. Thanks again!

  • Thank you for coming everyone! I think that was a pretty good workshop, very interactive and lots of great questions and comments. I look forward to the next one! :smile:

  • Thanks for the workshop Aras, great to see the laser in action. Being too quick on the draw, I didn’t check the files you gave me on the USB stick, and i didn’t see until I got home that the software wasn’t on it. I’d still love to get a copy, so that I can play with it without tying up the machine. Any chance I can get a copy through dropbox or come pick it up from you?

  • @robert I’ll put it online and link it to this thread tonight.

  • How did I miss this!? will you hold another?

  • @Shelaigh yes! I would like to run the workshop with smaller groups from now on. So as soon as 5 people are interested I can schedule a new one. So far I know you, Les and @Ron_Ron would be interested in another one.

    Vinyl cutting workshop is happening next week. How about if we do another laser workshop the following week on

    Edit: Tuesday June 7th?

  • What night/time is the vinyl cutting? June 3rd should work for me.

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