Board meeting May 2nd

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    Just to remind people there should be a board meeting

  • Here are some of the items I know we need to talk about

    • Fundraising dinner
    • Renting out offices upstairs

    Is there anything else that should be on the agenda?

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    @arasbm Could a simply procedure/policy for thanking, recognizing and documenting donors/donations be created?

    I think a donor should:

    • receive a message, preferably on letterhead, that thanks them for their specific donation

    • Be added to the list of recognized sponsors, preferably on the website and facebook page

    • have their logo added to the Thank you banner (coming soon) in the Lounge

    A little thank you, professionally done, can go a LONG WAY in terms of subsequent support. A simple checklist, posted in the lounge, of what should be done for significant donors, could help this happen.

    Perhaps the info could be gathered on a clipboard in the Lounge, and addressed once per month as a group to make it easier. A standard procedure for this situation is a good start.

    I dont mean to add more work for the Society, but what I am suggesting is basically the minimum requirement to ensure these donor relationships grow and flourish.

  • In case you do not have the Calendar meeting is at 6:30pm Today (May 2nd). Everyone is welcome to join us as usual.

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    I agree with Vaugn, at the very least we need a form letter to thank hand tool etc. donors.

  • Meeting notes:


    • Fundraising dinner
    • Renting out offices and rent issues
    • Thanking donations

    Fundraising dinner


    • All seats were taking, pretty awesome!
    • Some minor issues that we learned from
    • Silent auction items did not go as high as expected
    • Sue suggest going corporate next year to get more donation


    • Preliminary count is minimum $3473 but there a few more calls to be made to collect money. Projection is gross $5000. Net income will be comparable to last year which was ~$2000


    • suggested considering outdoor event and barbecue
    • Vaughn asked what items did make more money?
      ** Company/corporate donation brought more money for least effort


    • suggest having

    General comments

    • Center pieces may have been a bit difficult to see for everyone and did not do so well
    • Doing it at the end of the month may have been a little hard for some people. Doing it next time just after the middle of the month
    • There were 54 auction items
    • Raising the ticket price might be a good option. Vaughn thinks even 40$ may be good
    • Merchandise table for smaller items might work better again
    • Having an MC or someone going through and promoting silent auctions would be good
    • We should sell more tickets maybe minimum of 150 people next year
    • That means we would need to look into other venues


    • lighting was not very good and venue was not very creative
    • Next year look for 150 to 200 capacity
    • Round table were nice


    • Meal was really awesome
    • Lineup was really long
    • More visible table numbers may help
    • Asking to bid to go first for dinner

    Renting out offices upstairs

    • The rent will start going up in June
    • Anything we do to maintain the building will come off from our rent
    • There might be grants available
    • We can rent the rooms upstairs
      ** Not having air conditioning might be a challenge
      ** Not having long term lease is a bit of issue
    • We dealing with all the expenses is an advantage for us
    • Offer improving space in negotiation for the
    • Nicholas is applying for a grant to improve the building as a non profit
    • A few member suggest reasonable rate would be ~ $2000 if it is locked in for the lease period
    • We are making approximately $1200
    • It would be a good idea to look into paying based on our income
    • Looking at grants for hiring someone to help run the space


    • setting up a procedure to thank you for donations
    • Have a Google doc as well as a physical thank you cards to send out
    • Make it accessible to everyone and make it a culture to thank for donations
    • Aras and Dave signed up to help put in something in place

  • Can we put the board meetings on the calendar? I really depend on the pop-ups

  • @tinfoilknight sorry we missed you tonight! I think the board meeting has been on the calendar. Is it not showing up for you? You might have to create your own notification but we can also add a general notification.

  • I see what happened. The meeting isn’t set up as a recurring event. I have to manually add each month

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    Could you add weds hack night 6-8pm as a recurring event, too please?

  • The board meeting is now a repeating event. Thanks Aras.

  • @tinfoilknight I only see the 5pm one that I made. Are you sure the 5:30 is not in one of your personal calendars?

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