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    The idea of creating badges for workshops has been floated. These badges would be both physical and virtual - the physical being a lasercut token (keychain fob?) and the virtual being a png image that members can attach to their forum profile.

    This is a good idea: it will be good PR, a good way of tracking progress and a fun memento for workshops. It will also motivate new workshops, badges and general Maker Madness.

    What badges should be created? Here is a starter list; please add your ideas for them and I will design them and get them rolling.

    CNC Router
    CNC Mill
    3D scanning
    Arduino I, II, III etc
    3D Printer
    Laser Cutter - Basic
    Laser Cutter - Toast and Pancakes
    Woodshop Basic (Safety and Orientation)
    Woodshop Advanced (specific tools)
    Vacuum Forming
    Vinyl cutting
    Logo workshop

  • That is a great list @Vaughn Here are a few others I can think of:

    • Parametric 3D modeling
    • 3D rendering with Blender
    • Introduction to Electronics
    • Introduction to robotics
    • Microbe Farming
      @Bradley-Maker how many badges for Microbe farming? I would think at least one for kraut and one for kombucha
    • Introduction to Python (programing)
    • Lantern making
    • Drawing

    I would also split CNC router workshop into CNC Router 101 and CNC Router 201 or some other name representing the second CNC Router course. The first one is what you would need to operate the router. The second one is a workshop on some of the more advanced router applications such as 3D carving. Same can be said about 3D printing: 3D printer 101 to get people started and then a more advanced course on 3D printing techniques.

  • You could also add some electronics stuff:

    • schematics creator (making a schematic for some electronics)
    • making a PCB
    • soldering
    • surface mount soldering

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