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    Further to the board meeting tonight May 2 16, the Kamloops Makerspace determines to establish enhanced policy and procedure regarding donations to the space, specifically:

    • Tracking/logging/documenting recurring and one-time donations

    • Thanking and recognizing donors in a timely and standardized way

    • Optimizing our relationship with sponsors

    To achieve these goals, the following was suggested:

    • Print and distribute ‘Donor Receipt Forms’ (using the Lounge KMS document caddy). These forms are to be completed by the member concerned in full for any donation and filed (with any related receipts) in the Makerspace Logbook.

    • On or about each month, the volunteer donor co-coordinator will gather the forms from the Logbook and:

    • Update the Google Doc Donor Log

    • Create and post a thank you to the donor on Makerspace letterhead to the donor(Standard accessible form to be created on Google Docs) (suggestion to include a KMS gadget, like Nich’s model airplane card, or bone-model).

    • File the processed ‘Donor Receipt Forms’ permanently with the Treasurer.

    • Determine if the donors cumulative yearly donation(s) justify inclusion on the Makerspace banner, website, or other promotional opportunities. If they do, facilitate adding their logo to banner, etc. This procedure is to be completed every 4 months.

    These measures should be a good start to harmonizing, tracking, and optimizing the excellent donations we receive from the community.

    I will work with @sue, @Nicholas @arasbm to make it happen:
    -Sue will create and store Makerspace Logbook in Office
    -Sue will include sleeve for monthly donor receipt forms
    -Nich will bring 2nd wall caddy and we will install on Lounge wall
    -Nich will print multiples of KMS forms, and load caddies
    -Dave will create standard ‘thank you’ doc for monthly mailout
    -Dave will do donor coordinator role for at least 6 months
    -Vaughn will label caddy’s with title and doc description

  • I can update the website sponsor section since that has only been on my todo list for a year or so.

    Thanks for taking this on!

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    Sorry, I just realized that @Chainmaildave had volunteered here too. Dave would you take on the donor coordinator role, with our help?

  • Member

    I will indeed.

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    @Chainmaildave ok i updated the actions list in the main post above. Thanks.

  • What are the Gold Silver and Bronze levels? I’m guessing when we have numbers of how much each has donated we will be able to figure out where to draw the lines.

  • @tinfoilknight yes we come up with some numbers over a year ago. They are cumulative that means if an organization keeps donating to us they can move up.

  • The donation reciepts are on the wall in the lobby. Completed receipts can be put in back in that area for now. Please get a card from a doner if possible. Reciepts are for our records. We are not able to issue tax reciepts. If a doner needs some kind of recipt please get them in contact with me.

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    @Nicholas do you have that Home Hardware document for the discount plywood? I need that to pick it up (it shows the discount rate). Please leave it in the donor receipt caddy? Thank you!

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