Meeting june 9 2016

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    Thursday June 9 at 6pm. This accommodates the hot nite meetings on Monday.
    See you there! Let’s start the agenda in this thread.

    Learning and working on learning more!


  • Dedicated key holder. I have the idea that we need a dedicated key holder for each night of the week. If we have 7 people who can volunteer to be at the space for a set period of time we can advertise that the space will be open on the calendar.

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    Cleaning, organising, what items we want and don’t want

  • The plan for Makerloops, our second maker fair

    • Partnering with Kamloops Innovation
    • How to attract makers
    • How to attract sponsors
    • How to get people
    • How to make it awesome!

  • I can not make the June 9th evening. Am I the only one that can not make it?

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    Registering #kmopen. A device that was triggered by the coffee pot or tea kettle being turned on was talked about can that happen? Looks at @Ron_Ron and @pierre

  • @Chainmaildave : I’m going to try to stop by Princess Auto and grab a couple of these:

    Give it a speakerectomy, replace the LED output with a link to a GPIO pin or one of those little radio transmitters we have, and we have a way to detect power flow… Mounted near a heating element it’ll tattle every time you make a pot.

  • This is more about predictability. We could have something that says someone is making coffee but it doesn’t give confidence that someone will be there when you drive across town. It doesn’t let you plan ahead. If a keyholder is booked to be at the space on Thursday from 5-9 then you can make plans to visit the space during this time.

  • Predictabilty will always be an issue… I was at the space on Saturday and Sunday. From 10ish AM until way too late at night. Nonetheless, @Ron_Ron stopped by to drop in, and I’d gone to Coopers to grab coffee and food supplies. He drove by, did some other stuff, and on the return pass, I was there. Even when people are there “all day” there are usually a few runs for food or donuts or to Princess Auto for parts…

  • I don’t think those two solutions are mutually exclusive. We can still have some keyholders (those that feel comfortable making a promise) to sign up for certain hours and add it to the calendar.

    Having some gadget monitoring the kettle hooked up to an API will also allow us make a cool interface on the forum with some nice graphics eventually. Showing what is happening at the space in real time. Kettle is boiling, saw is running, laser is running, etc.

    So I think @tinfoilknight and @pierre you are both on the right track to make something useful that address some of the problems we have around awareness of space activities.

    I just made a weekly event on our calendar for Mondays from 8:30 to 12pm. I am calling it “Makerspace Open by Aras”. If you are a keyholder and you are comfortable making a weekly commitment please go ahead and sign yourself up for one or more hours. Here, let me set some ground rules:

    • No one is forcing anyone. If you are not comfortable with this, do NOT sign up
    • If you sign up and can not make it, try to find a replacement
    • If you sign up and an unexpected situation comes up, post on the forum that you can not make it and ask if someone else can go in your place
    • If a real emergency happens and you can not make it and you wont have time to worry about communicating, it will be fine. We will understand

    I think that is pretty simple. I already got Monday mornings covered. Go ahead and choose another time block if you wish. Thanks!

  • Working on the new lease agreement for the space. Would like to go over it

  • The possibility of using solar hot water for winter heat. It can be blended in with roof repairs.

  • I’d love to rig a wind-catcher on the roof too… To pull cool air through the building in the summer. Building is tall enough, and I suspect the prevailing winds that close to the river would work.

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    @tinfoilknight yes!

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    I can make Thursday.

  • Just a reminder that the meeting is happening tonight. Here is the agenda:

    Kamloops Makerspace General Meeting – Thursday June 9th, 2016

    6:00 pm: Aras will welcome everyone and will go over the agenda

    6:02 pm: Discussing the agenda items

    • The new lease agreement for the space @nicholas
    • Dedicated key holder @tinfoilknight
    • Cleaning, organising, what items we want and don’t want @chainmaildave
    • The plan for Makerloops, our second maker fair @arasbm
    • Registering #kmopen with a device that is triggered by the coffee pot @chainmaildave and @pierre
    • Using solar hot water for winter heat @tinfoilknight
    • Wind-catcher on the roof @pierre
    • Sue kitchen update
    • Nicholas personal update
    • Thank you

    As always, our meeting is open to everyone. All members have a vote on each agenda item. Each item will have 5 minutes allocated to it. Please try and keep discussion focused. If you feel that a topic needs to be discussed in details, create a forum post for it.

    6:55 pm: Thank you and wrap up

    I would like to provide everyone with opportunity to thank someone for something they have done over the past month. Please keep it short and sweet. Just one sentence saying something like “I would like to thank Lucy the dog for being cute” would be perfect!

    7:00 pm: Meeting is adjourned

    Regardless of if we go over all items or not, the meeting will be adjourned by 7:00pm. Any item the we do not get a chance to discuss will be automatically postponed to the next meeting – or alternatively it can be discussed on the forum.

    I need someone to take notes during this meeting. Any volunteers?

  • I would like to follow up the requirements still needed for the kitchen.

    Also, I would be willing to take the notes for this evening.

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    ---- Attended the meeting:
    @arasbm @Ron_Ron @Nicholas @Chainmail @fullmetalbuddha @Bradley-Maker @tinfoilknight @greenhatgirl @pierre Ashley @Sue

    Aras introduced the agenda, Dave wants to discuss the number of members at a future meeting

    Nicholas - Lease Agreement:
    Hoped to have it complete before today but it didn’t happen. He will make it available before we sign it.
    Lease is 3 years, we can leave with 1 year notice without penalty, otherwise will be 3 months rent.
    New rent as of this month will be 2150/month including city utilities, for the duration of the 3 years. We can deduct up to $1000/month off of that for improvements to the building.
    This has over extended us. Our membership fees will cover only about half of it. We need to get the rooms upstairs fixed and rented ASAP.
    Because of some back-pay owed, we will cover rent this month, but next month, we NEED to have renting in place.

    Top floor is not included in the rent, will be fixed up by the landlords and either rented out separately or used for their own personal use. It will be kept locked to prevent people from accidentally travelling up there. There is currently no formal agreement, we would need to discuss with the landlord if we wanted to have input on who rented the upstairs. It may or may not be formally written into the lease.

    Grant - Dedicated Keyholders:
    Letting drop in members know when we’ll be here. Individual members can make a commitment to be here for a specified time block once a week (or more), so the drop in members can plan ahead and know when they can show up.
    Goal is not to make anyone feel obligated to do so, but for those who can, it’s worth doing.
    Could help with retention as well.
    Put your committed times on the calendar.
    How do we identify who is and is not a member? We need identification now that we’re growing enough.
    Quick ID: Laser cut a Keyfob out of acrylic and number them, for now.

    Dave - Space cleaning:
    We need a wish list. “We do not want” is an unfortunate list to give donors.
    We need more member storage. Mudroom is cluttered but needs to be organized and more space will be available.

    Pierre - Teapot idea:
    Current detector pen hacked to talk to twitter so we can identify when the coffee pot/kettle/tea are on. This will let us know that people will be here for a while. Also have a switch so Nicholas can request someone make him a coffee.
    Once we have an initial implementation, we will want to expand it.
    There is an app for makerspaces for this exact thing, we will continue to explore it. – and connect to the website/forum.
    We have the big display that can be used as well.

    Dave - Lost a shovel

    Grant - Solar hot water for winter heat:
    Replacing the boilers, we need to change over to copper pipes to do so. Solar hot water could be tapped into the existing system, without being replaced. CAC uses solar system to heat water for kitchen/bathrooms. Can be very efficient, even on overcast day. Need glycol as part of the system to prevent freeze up.

    Could be added into a system in pieces, which was the plan to keep things within budget. We’re applying for grants to pay for that, so any money we put into doing heating will subsidize rent.

    Look into green energy grants specifically for solar.

    And inspectors. - Pierre may be able to help.
    Tyler will talk to Jeff about getting plans and specs for this building.

    Pierre - crazy idea Windcatcher
    We could use an upper floor to work as a wind catcher to cool the building. Opening doors and windows in a specific way, depending on the direction of the wind. A wind sock or flag would allow us to figure the prevailing wind direction easily.
    Birds may be a significant issue. Screens may be a wise idea.
    Pidgeon deterrents - spikes. Still need screens on them.

    Sue - Kitchen update
    We have had approval on the kitchen, with a couple of things to happen first.
    Shatter proof lighting? May be okay since it’s mainly for prep. There are tubes available to put over bulbs to make them shatter proof.
    Shelving - Can someone commit to putting shelves above the sink? Ideally by the end of the month.
    If they can get to the space, they can get installed by @Tyler.
    Probe type Thermometers within cooking appliances (fridge, freezer, oven)

    From there, we should be able to get approval.

    We can push the date for the kitchen, to prioritize renting upstairs.

    Ashley will clean upstairs Sunday, and Sue will come in Sunday morning and clean until noon as well. More hands makes light work.

    Aras - Makerloops update
    Postponed to Aug or Sept.
    Work with KIC collaboratively on marketting
    Not labour day weekend

    Nicholas - General update
    Has been frustrated for some time and hasn’t felt that the time of volunteers hasn’t been respected.
    Sue and Ashley are doing a great job cleaning, but others aren’t chipping in.
    Due to his own schedule, and frustrations, he’ll be stepping down from the board. In about 4-6 months, he should have things tidied up and ready to transition to a new treasurer at that time.
    In the future (From here on), Nicholas will not be the person “To call” for things like flooded basements and other building issues. He will be busy getting things organized for the future treasurer.

    Use systems in place, or make better ones. Respect each others’ time.

    If anyone sees Nick’s stapler, please let him know

    Things need to get done, and it won’t be Nicholas doing it, so we need to get things done.

    Getting members here and staying, we need to keep things clean and organized to keep members!

    Nicholas can help someone going forward as treasurer.

    Thank yous

    • Aras thanks John Ball (“red john”) for fixing the door of the metal shop.
    • Aras thanks Nicholas for his years of effort helping the space.
    • Courtenay thanks Sue for getting this kitchen thing figured out.
    • Ashley thanks Sue for cleaning this weekend when she wasn’t well.
    • Nick thanks Ashley for cleaning in general.

    Ashley – Need boundaries around personal stuff
    We may need to make clear labels and boundaries for what items are personal vs space stuff.

    Laminator – Vikki
    Courtenay will talk to Vikki about using her laminator short term.

    Sue - Seeking sponsorship
    There are forms on the wall and on the website to take to local businesses for getting sponsors. Also for thanking them.

    Sue - Volunteer hours
    Sue needs volunteer hours to convert into dollars to prove we had contributed, which helps us in grant applications. Please recognize it’s important and needs doing.
    – Needs an SOP –

    Learning and working on learning more!


  • @hdsheena said:

    Dave - Lost a shovel

    Clarification: Dave was leaving a shovel near the door because it makes it easier to clean up outside when people poop on the property. I doubt, and sincerely hope, that it is any member pooping outside. But… whoever moved the poop shovel, please put it back.

    Also… I did not think of it at the time, but: Thank you Dave for shoveling up human poop on several occasions that I’m aware of.

  • @tinfoilknight mentioned that there are shatterproof tube covers that we can put on the flourescent tubes…
    I’m pretty sure these are the things:

    I’ll try to grab enough for the kitchen next week, and one extra to hack on… I suspect that a section of the polycarbonate tube would make a neat solar/led/usb glowstick and phone charger.

  • Thats them! :)

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