Kamloops Makerspace at Farmers Market

  • We can have a table at farmers market to sell the things we make at makerspace. We can sell things to raise funds for makerspace or for our own profit. If we want to, we can have a table this Saturday. It will cost us 30$ in total. Does anyone want to come with me and try to sell some of the things you have built at makerspace?

    I asked for a table for our organization where we could all sell the things we make for profit. I also was wondering about an option to sell veggies or other produce. Here is the response from the market manager:

    As your members will be selling product “for profit” (in part), you will need to apply as a Vendor, not a community group. You would then need to pay a daily table fee ($30 for Saturday), or seasonal fee ($240 for the season) if you prefer. In general we don’t allow multiple people’s product to be sold at the same table, but in this case we would consider the products being sold as products of the group “Makerspace.” We have a similar booth for “Options and Opportunities”, who pay a table fee to sell the hand-crafted items of people with disabilities - the items are sold as a product of “Options.” Make sense?

    Also, if you would like to sell your backyard veggies, I can let you have a small space on your own, which I’ll try to place near the Makerspace booth. However, you would not be able to sell veggies at the Makerspace stall. The fee for backyard growers if $5/day, and there is a limit to how many times you can come as a backyard grower (I believe it’s 5 times, but the board will be confirming that for me). You would also need to submit a separate application for your veggie stall.

    If you still would like to attend, please re-submit an application for “Makerspace”, this time as a Vendor, as well as a separate vendor application for your own produce. I’ll include you on the map for this week.

    Who wants to share a table with me?

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    Sure, I would be nice to see if anyone is in the market for a Top bar Hive.

  • I’d like to do a saturday with you but am not teady for this saturday as i still need to ‘maker’ stuff…

  • Is anyone coming tomorrow?

  • If I wake up early enough I’ll walk down and hang out.

    We should sell coupons to “get a small object made using X machine…” For extra bad-ass points… Make the coupons on the machine. Laser-cut coupons that say: Make a laser-cut acrylic object less than XbyY inches… 3-D printed similar ones… CNC milled aluminum ones.

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