Community gardens volunteer opportunity

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    I met with @Shelaigh yesterday at one of the community garden sites on Laburnum street on the north shore. It is next to the community center where the food policy council meetings and many other community activities are held. @Shelaig has a great vision for this site and she has all the material and a lot of plants ready to go into the ground. However she needs volunteers to help here turn this vision into reality. She will be working on this site tomorrow for three days (May 12, May 13 and May14). You can help with building raised beds, keyhole garden, irrigation, etc. Or you can just help plant things.



    If you are interested reply here or message @Shelaigh

  • I should show up to build planters. What time?

  • Tomorrow 8 am a volunteer is coming to do a dump run. If anyone wants tires for a project, there are 15 up for grabs… save them from the landfill & start your earthship or underground green house!? I will be marking the plots doing bed layout and constructing borders. I need to dry line irrigation and place posts. We will be picking up a couple of loads of manure and doing some layer mulching. Hope to plant on Saturday. In the meantime there is weeding and prep to do… free organic veggie starts to all helpers!!!
    Thanks Shelaigh

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