We are invited to host film for change in October

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    We have been invited to choose the movie for the September film for change event. The venue is the clock tower at TRU and we can host a pretty large crowd in there. Usually after the movie there is a short talk or panel discussion of some sort. The last movie was about permaculture and the next one coming up is about clean energy. They are skipping summer and we will be screening our movie of choice in September.

    I am looking for ideas for a movie to submit on our behalf. It has to be maker related and represent our values. Perhaps we could host a few casual movie nights at makerspace watching some of the popular choices before we submit our choice.

    Also, if anyone has ideas about how we could make this event more interesting or interactive let us know. Clock tower is a nice venue and we will have a large captive audience after the movie.

  • Any of these describe my core values:


    Berkeley Show at the Shipyard is particularly good.

    Teaser reads:

    SRL DVD only release of December 15, 2001 performance in Berkeley at the Shipyard!! See SRL’s most concentrated show ever. 30 tons of mechanical madness unleashed in a 75 by 60 ft area. Plenty of close calls for the audience and maximum crash and burn for the machines. Your kids will cheer as the Pitching machine deconstructs Jeffery the Giraffe with 200 mph 2 by 4 boards. Watch as the Sneaky Soldier dives into a bath of flaming calcium carbide. See and hear it all for only 25$ mastered directly to DVD from the Beta SP Master.
    Edited by Alan Kelley, Shoot Directed by Dave Scardina. 24 min.

  • I think this is what we’re looking for. I haven’t seen it yet. http://makerthemovie.com

  • So this is happening on 26 October at 19:00–22:00. Thank you @tinfoilknight for the suggestion!


    We need a panel discussion. I was thinking we can grab something we have made at makerspace and briefly talk about it and answer questions. Who feels comfortable to help with the panel discussion after the show?

    Since this is happening on a Wednesday night, should we cancel the hack night?

  • @arasbm said:

    Since this is happening on a Wednesday night, should we cancel the hack night?

    I’d vote absolutely not to cancel hack night. I don’t think we’ve cancelled one since we moved in. That is not a streak I want any part in breaking.

  • @pierre I agree. Not everyone will be able to attend the movie anyway. Does anyone have time to develop a current KM slideshow?

  • I’d vote absolutely not to cancel hack night

    Ok, that is cool! As long as there is at least a couple of volunteers to stay and keep the space open, we can keep the hack night going. I agree, it is really cool that we have done the hack nights for almost a year and half without any break!

  • Does anyone have time to develop a current KM slideshow?

    @tinfoilknight are you thinking something to put on screen while people wait for movie to start?

  • I’ll be at hack. Anyone else?

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    @pierre am I ever anywhere else ;)

  • Ok, sounds good! Thank you @pierre and @Chainmaildave! Hopefully everyone else will come to the movie screening :)

  • @arasbm pretty much. We could promote the space while people are waiting.

  • So this movie is happening tomorrow (Wednesday). Our first priority of course is the haunted house, so if you are already planning to help with that, don’t worry about the movie.

    However, if you are looking for something easy and relaxing to do tomorrow (Wednesday), I would really appreciate seeing some people at the maker movie. I could also use some help with serving popcorn at the door. Let me know if you can make it, and if you want to help welcome people. The movie is only one hour. Doors open at 6:30. It is at the clock tower at TRU and there is a lot of parking there. Hope to see some of you there tomorrow! :)

  • @arasbm I can help with popcorn if you still need some extra hands! I’ll be there tonight :)

  • @amanda yes please! I will be there at 5:30 to set up. I’ll see you there. Thank you!

  • @arasbm great! I’ll probably be there closer to 6. See you later!

  • Hi All! Aras- do you need help with setting anything up for movie night. I hosted the Permaculture movie so have a bit of experience (LOL) Make sure you have a donation jar and info about maker space. It is potentially a great promo opportunity and fundraiser.
    I can pick up anything you need and meet you there at 6:30.

  • @Shelaigh thank you! Yes I could use your help! If you can, come a little earlier than 6:30.

  • What does a little earlier mean?

  • Just wanted to say I thought this was a great film. And @arasbm if you have the rights to show the film multiple times, it would be a great opportunity to show it again to more people and hopefully bring in some funds to cover the costs.

    Thanks for hosting!

  • Linux

    Great film! Thanks for organizing it.

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