Any plans to provide Welding Equipment?

  • I’d like to learn how to weld for personal projects, but don’t really think it’s worth taking the full course up at TRU. Wondered if makerspace has any plans regarding this.

  • I have heard a lot of good things about the welding program at TRU and went to one of their community workshops last year. The folks there are very knowledgable and experienced.

    What we would eventually offer is not going to be an alternative to the TRU program by any stretch of imagination. That being said @fullmetalbuddha is working hard on finishing and fireproofing our arc welding station. We need some more welding equipment donated to us. Particularly a MIG or TIG setup would be much more suitable than stick welding.

    Once we have the equipment you can come and try out welding with the help from experienced welders like @fullmetalbuddha @Nicholas and a few others. However we are still a long ways away from having a welding course.

    If you are interested come and get involved and help make this happen!

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    Once we’re set up for it, my PowerFist MIG can come live at the space as a long-term-loan. It’s sitting idle in Kirin’s shop at the moment. It’s not exactly a high end piece of equipment, but their guarantee is reassuring, and it does the job decently enough.

    Learning and working on learning more!


  • There are plans. Such plans they are.

    Our story so far:
    We have a blessing from the fire folks to Arc, Mig and Tig weld inside the building but not to Oxy-Acetylene, Thermite or Explosive weld… We are building a fire-resistant, ventilated booth to do that sort of work in. After the booth is built we will probably try to clear it with the insurance people.

    My Tig welder/plasma cutter is at the space, awaiting the completion of the booth. I’m rigged for steel welding with pure-argon shield gas. I can get different electrodes if you want to work on aluminum or copper. My welder will technically stick weld, but it sucks. @Ron_Ron also has a tiny stick welder there… @Ron_Ron built a spot welder, and @Chainmaildave has one at the space too. Sometimes @Nicholas or @hdsheena can bring in Mig welders.

    I have a beautiful jeweler’s torch, and O/A regulators. I also have a little Oxy/Mapp rig that will run on disposable cylinders. One day if we get the forge/foundry/ ceramics setup going outside, I expect to run that sort of gear out there. On that note, if anyone has a line on a surplus oxygen concentrator, I’m looking to acquire one. They are medical equipment and get retired at less than half of their useful life for reliability reasons, but they can run a torch for many hours after they are not good for keeping people breathing…

  • Do you know where I’d find information about the TRU community workshops? I’m not turning up anything.

  • @arcezzu It was just a one time workshop (as far as I know) that they did last year. It was organized by Kamloops Innovation.

  • I was there. It was pretty cool.

    Once we have the booth squared away a bit, I’m tempted to talk to @Kimberely and see if she can set up another one, but with more of an eye to figuring out which jigs and fixtures we need to build to do the sort of setup they have in a booth. I brought in some steel tubing to use to make a couple of the vertical “pole dancer” mounts they have there, and then be able to have arms come off the poles with clamps and jigs mounted on the arms. If we attach the poles to the hood, and to the floor they should be relatively easy to secure.

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