Hand Engraved Metal.

  • We had a visitor at our Green Expo booth who is a machinist and gunsmith based out of Pritchard… He stopped by the space the hack night afterwards and showed off some of his hand-engraved parts.

    I wish I’d thought to take pictures. Anyway, I figured I would post a link to a blog which I’ve been reading for some time where beautiful things are carved out of metal.


    Maybe gauge interest in acquiring some hand gravers and sitting down to try carving Book of Kells inspired things into blocks of metal.

  • That is phenomenal work. Definately interested in seeing what you can do with some of these sets. WOW!!!

  • I have no skills… Just an interest in this type of metal work. Actually an interest in most types of metal work.

  • I have no skills in it and I am interested in it also! :)

  • Amazing work. Thanks for the link

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