Wednesday at 1pm: Lets build some shelves for our new members

  • We have had several new members sign up in the last couple of weeks and I am sure they would really appreciate having a little bit of personal storage like the rest of us. We now have enough materials to build shelves for our new members.

    I will be at the makerspace on Wednesday and at 1pm we will start building the shelves. I know that @Vaughn is willing to help us design and build them. Anyone else would be able to come give us a hand? If you are a new member or do not have a storage shelf yet, this would be a great project to join! :smile:

    We are planning to build them on the first floor hallway along where @Ron_Ron currently has his shelves. @Ron_Ron we may need you help temporarily moving your things.

    Who would be able to join us and help make this happen?

  • 3D

    I will be there. My woodworking sucks epically though.

  • Design Lab

    On Weds, I am working but intended to come at 6pm. Work and life have me pretty booked up right now!

  • Design Lab

    Also, I have some metal shelves that have been donated by a store that re-decorated. They are made to fit in slat wall. I’ll bring them.

  • @Bradley-Maker @tinfoilknight and I met last Tuesday and finalized a design for a modular member storage. The idea is that each member gets to build their own shelve and they can customize it however they like – as long as they support a few simple rules to keep their shelve standard. Here are the parameters for the shelve:

    Here is a pdf , or you can use this image:


    Brad and I made the first shelve last Wednesday. If anyone else wants to build them, I have purchased some plywood for this project and it is in the woodshop. Come talk to me or @Bradley-Maker to get yours done.
    1_1464638074183_resized002.jpg 0_1464638074182_resized001.jpg
    This one has a skirt since it will sit on the ground. The rest of them will be 16in by 16in by 36.75in.

    In case you have not noticed the holes are there so that the shelves can be bolted together. I only put the holes on the top right now and we will drill the other on to make sure they fit. If things are working well and boxes are being build very precisely, I can update the design to include holes on the bottom as well.

    I am excited to see how people customize their own shelve and how the whole project comes together over the next few months. If you are a new member and you do not have a personal storage at the space, now is your chance to make it happen! :smile:

  • Suggestion: If the “skirt” is another modular component, then you can simplify the inventory again. All the shelves would be the same and there would be a small number of skirts that are stand-alone.

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