Free permaculture workshop possibility

  • We (the Darfield Earthship, Sandra and Chris) are thinking of having a free day long workshop in our “permaculture” areas. It’s a shameless attempt to get our weeds under control, but it will be more than that as Shelaigh Garson is going to lead the day and we will be planting more perennials and talking about all things permaculture during that time - food forestry, edible perennials, etc. etc. Free earthship tour comes with the day! We will also provide a simple lunch. Depending on what is proliferating, we may have some plants to divide and give away as well. As we can only take about 10-12 people we thought we’d offer the opportunity to any Makerspace people first (through this forum rather than the FB page). Next I will open it to the permaculture group. Any interest? It will probably be the Sunday of the first weekend in June, or the Saturday or Sunday of the weekend following that (the weekend before Father’s Day). I’d appreciate it if it is not publicized widely. Since we are not giving earthship tours this year, if it becomes known that we are combining permaculture with an informal earthship tour I will be inundated with people who are just interested in the earthship. Let me know! (Sandra)

  • Yes please sign me up! Thanks for offering it to us first :)

  • Spot saved! On another note, with the downpour yesterday we spent a few hours in the yard today and got rid of most of the weeks. In a few weeks there will be more but it’s beneficial to learn what they are anyway. Today we planted some of the annual veggies and are hardening off some others.

  • @EarthshipSandra : Would you mind elaborating or providing a link to info on “hardening off?”

    Not a term I’m at all familiar with…

  • @pierre When you start plants indoors, either in a normal indoor temperature or in a greenhouse, the plants have to get used to the fluctuations of outside temperatures. So we “harden” them off, by taking them outside during the day and bringing them in at night…for a few days or a week depending on the temperature outside. This is important whether it is cool outside or really warm. Last year during the may long weekend I planted everything without hardening off…it was 32C and all my plants went white (sunburned). Most recovered but it was a shock (to them and me).

  • Looks like things may be shaping up for Sunday June 6…more in a few days. Shelaigh is going to confirm the day and give me a list of activities/learning ops…will post here when I know.

  • @EarthshipSandra Make that June 5th (Sunday) :)

  • We are a go for June 5…I will post an itinerary as soon as Shelaigh supplies me with one. Let me know if you are interested! We are an hour’s drive north of Kamloops. Aras is pretty sure he is coming…car pooling available?

  • Looks like one of the major tasks will be cleaning up the lower high beds and putting more plants in place to encourage a visual and sound shield. Shelaigh says she will probably bring some of her leftover annuals (veggies) to distribute. We’ll take a look at what we’ve got in abundance and divide and give away.

  • Just a few more spots left…I’d attach the agenda but not sure how to do that. @arasbm you have a copy…can you share it if you have time? Thanks.

  • Here is the agenda.

    Thanks @EarthshipSandra ! I am very excited about this workshop. If anyone else from makerspace wants to join us, I can pick you up at 8am at makerspace on Sunday. I have room for 3 people.

  • @arasbm can you swing by and get my wheel barel and a few tools? Im packing alot of plants!

  • @Shelaigh sure! What time should I be there?

  • @arasbm Thanks! I fit everything- Im going earlier.

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