CALLING all IoT hardware startups to apply for Startupbootcamp in London

  • I’m not sure what your plans are at the moment but thought it was worth letting you know about the IoT and hardware accelerator program we have launched at Startupbootcamp.

    To give you a bit more info… Startupbootcamp IoT | Connected Devices is a three-month accelerator backed by Cisco and element14, which provides support to IoT and hardware startups. Our London-based program is currently open to applications from across the world, and 10 startups will be chosen to be accelerated in a program that begins this September. Each startup receives €15,000, works in a full fast prototyping lab, and benefits from around £740K worth of partner services, including direct manufacturing links to key global partners. We help startups secure further funding from investors and VCs throughout the program, and in the run up to the program’s Demo Day in December.

    If it’s of interest then you can of course apply for the program through this link

    Please feel free to shoot me an email at


  • What I really need is an arduino/raspi price point microcontroller that is powered by 802.3af compliant gear. I’d eat them up like popcorn, but it seems everyone providing toys for makers wants to use non-standards based injector/splitter garbage that won’t play nice on a network that already has PoE hardware on it.

  • Splitters like that are the sort of thing I’m currently playing with, but it’d be much better to have something like a Raspi or Arduino inside the box. Something with gpio to run some sensors or relays and easily programmable to automate stuff. I currently duct-tape two boxes together and run a short loop of Cat5 between them but it is hardly elegant.

  • There are PoE chips you could add to a pi.

  • I was under the impression that you needed magnetic s too… Which makes it not fit without severely modifying the board.

  • @pierre I just Googled “microcontroller that is powered by 802.3af compliant gear” and got a couple of single chip solutions.

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