Halloween dolls project

  • As some of you are aware I’m looking for creepy dolls for a Halloween project. I’ve gone from wanting to make a Frankenstein monster out of infant dolls to wanting to make an entire Island of the Dolls theme. http://www.isladelasmunecas.com/ If you have some free dolls please let me know.

  • I talked to a cow-orker who does freaky art projects… He suggested talking to the folks that run Flutterby’s and similar second hand places, and explain that you are doing an art project that needs well-used or not necessarily complete dolls, and have them fill a garbage bag with the stuff that gets donated but is not in good enough condition to sell in store for a negotiated price per bag.

    He also suggested hitting up mom-swap (not as fun as it sounds) and other social media groups to see if anyone has well-used dolls that they are done with.

    His further comment was not to get too specific about what we intend to do with the dolls. Leave the pinks blissfully unaware that we plan to dismember cherished childhood memories.

  • Good point. I’ll be less specific.

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