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  • Thanks @meagan! Since we are on the topic, we now also have a google+ page and a twitter account (@makerloops).

    Don’t worry if you are not a fan of social networks, you do not have to follow us everywhere else to stay in the loop about our progress and events. This forum is and will remain our primary communication channel, and any important news will land here first.

    In order to raise awareness and reach as many people as possible, we need to have a presence on the popular social networks as well. So if you are already on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ we would appreciate if you give us a bit of attention there. Thanks! :smile:

  • Founder

    I have to say here, that I am, as the kids say, “oldschool”. I built every computer I had until my early 20’s, went to school for compsci, have worked in tech support and web design fields a little. But I have a luddite streak in me as well, and I’ve been backing away from digital stuff for a decade. Hence, I’m really terrible at facebook. I have no fb skills.

    I am sooooooo very glad to be joining up to a forum that seems to be relatively used.

    I miss forums. So hurray. Thanks.

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