Is it 555 time? :)

  • I currently have many 555 ic demos. Anything from a blinking led to driving a stepper motor with an easy driver. Latching button with debounce, servo tester, A 555 ic with shift decade counter and leds, synthesizer, A poor attempt to use a decade counter and a seven segment led. Its cool to be able to generate an analog signal.

  • A closer look at 555

  • I thought this is cool.

  • I found this to be interesting.

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    definitely interested in trying to make a synthesizer console with these!

  • They are fun to play with.

  • This post is deleted!

  • You can have all kinds of fun with this IC.

  • So I finally took the plunge and ordered Dave Jones EEVblog 555 t shirt. lol

    I still continue to learn and study 555 ic.

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