CNC Beehive update

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    The Bees are in their new home, but I had to remodel the original hive to make it work.
    0_1464908896009_aHplC9R - Imgur.jpg

    Here is the original for context:
    0_1464908928905_2Fc13gM - Imgur.jpg

    I made the modification so that the standard Langstroth frames from the Nuc I bought would conveniently fit in the top bar hive. If I can catch a swarm, then I can transfer the bees directly into one of the regular Top Bar hives.

    Swarm Trap: anyone interested in hosting one of these in their back yard?

  • That looks awesome @Jason-Bijl ! Cool mod to make the Nuc fit without disturbing the bees. Like you said that is probably the biggest challenge with the top bar design. You might want to post a picture of your mod to their forum.

    I would be happy to host one of your traps at my place for you. I was planning to built some but I am pretty late this year and ran out of time. I will have to start my bees next year.

    Nicely done!

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    @arasbm have you been seeing much bee activity out your way?

    I have also baited my remaining top bar hives, I will bring one by for you to take, thanks.

  • @Jason-Bijl this may be relevant to your interests:

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    Keeping bees is simple enough, but they do require tending and observation.
    Turning a knob for honey is akin to squeezing a chicken for an egg…
    imo, better to build understanding than rely on this clever device.

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